EC Host Families with Isabel Frauenknecht

Isabel (Middle) with classmates Denise and Ayako enjoying the weekend with their EC Host-Families. What was it like first meeting your host-family? From the minute I met them, they were so kind and gave me a hug. As soon as I arrived, we went on a tour of the city which made me feel more familiar wi … Read more

Grammar Lesson: Wishes and Regrets

Have you ever done something in the past you wish you hadn’t? Do you wish you were shorter or taller? Thinner, or bigger? Do you ever find yourself wishing for something that is extremely unlikely, almost impossible? Perhaps there is something bothering you in the present that you would like t … Read more

EC Birthday Cards!

EC San Francisco would like to thank EVERYONE who attended yesterday’s International Luncheon to celebrate our school’s 2 Year Anniversary. The pictures look great and the food on display was delicious! In addition to the lunch time celebration was each class’ participation writing … Read more

Teacher Interview: Drew Rogers

How long have you been with EC? I will have been here one year in June. In which other countries have you taught English? Spain. Barcelona to be specific. In your mind, what distinguishes EC from other language centres? Great facilities! Favorite English expression: You can’t win the lottery i … Read more