Student Activity: EC San Francisco Welcome Walk

EC San Francisco welcomes new students every Monday. Our intern and Student Ambassadors lead students on a guided tour of the area near the school, and answer questions about the city. The activity is for new students, but all students (new and old) are welcome. It’s a great opportunity to learn the history, streets, stores, restaurants, and attractions in downtown San Francisco, and to meet new friends! To learn more about our free weekly activities, check the EC San Francisco Facebook page. Not a student? Don’t worry. You can find out how to enroll at EC San Francisco on our school website.

EC Promotions: Friday Free Lunch Giveaway

Every  Every Friday, EC San Francisco comes together to wish our graduating students a fond farewell and best of luck on their next adventure. Come to graduation to take pictures with your friends before they leave, but pay attention–there are special prizes, too! EC San Francisco is giving away a free lunch every week to one lucky student. All you have to do is visit the EC San Francisco Facebook page, and ‘like’ the picture of this cheeseburger and fries. Keep checking our Facebook page for more great deals, discounts, and giveaways.   See you Friday!

EC San Francisco Field Day 2012–coming soon!

On September 14th, EC is holding its 2nd annual Field Day in Dolores Park! We’ll have plenty of food, refreshments, and of course, games. Join us for an egg relay race, 3-legged race, whiffle ball, over-under, and a pie-eating contest, and many more activities. Sound like fun? Check the EC San Francisco facebook page for more details. We hope to see you there!

Idioms in Action with Drew

Every week, EC San Francisco gives our English students an opportunity to take a free class taught by one of our talented EC teachers. To learn more about our ECSF Staff, check out the teacher profiles on our website, or come to school say “Hi” in person! Some people thing that English classes are a dime a dozen in San Francisco, but if you’re not careful, a fool and his money are soon parted. Most other schools charge an arm and a leg, but EC San Francisco’s Idioms in Action class doesn’t cost you a thing! So save money and improve your English for free, because everyone knows that a penny saved is a penny earned. Improve your English with this free class. Because you CAN have your cake and eat it, too! Learn more at the free Idioms in Action class Wednesday at 2:45. To learn more about the other free classes, teacher-led activities, and events at EC San Francisco, check out the activities calendar on our EC San Francisco facebook page. If you want to see the other classes at EC schools around the world, here is a full list.

EC Night at the Movies

  Every week, EC San Francisco gives students an opportunity to hang out with teachers and staff on our guided activities. To learn more about our ECSF Staff, check out the teacher profiles on our website, or come to school say “Hi” in person!   On Monday, our amazing intern Shaina took a group of students to dinner at Super Duper Burger, and then to the Castro Theatre to watch the classic science fiction movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. If you want to join the next activity, you can find our activities calendar on our EC San Francisco facebook page.

EC San Francisco Destinations: Castro Theatre

The Castro Theatre is one of the oldest movie theaters in San Francisco. The theater was built in 1922, with a beautiful mixture of Spanish colonial, Chinese, and Italian architecture. The inside of the theater is decorated with murals, an ornate stage curtain and a massive Wurlitzer organ which is played before most movies. Nowadays, the theater plays classic American movies, and visitors can travel back in time to enjoy the traditional American movie experience with a unique San Francisco twist. If you want to see a movie at the Castro Theatre, check the Castro schedule online, or look for the next Night at the Movies on our EC San Francisco Facebook page! The theater is in the heart of San Francisco’s famous Castro District. It’s only a few minutes away on Muni. After the movie, there are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars to enjoy if you and your friends want to stay out late.

EC Testimonial – Thomas Seznec

EC student, Thomas Seznec, graduated this Friday, August 24th.  Before he left, he filled out an EC Testimonial talking about his experience at our school and in San Francisco.  Thanks, Thomas!  We’ll miss you and we wish you the best of luck!  Read more about him here…   Thomas Seznec France  During my two months in San Francisco, I discover a new culture: “the American way of life.”  I was in homestay in Daly City.  My host father explain me the rules and we visited all San Francisco every weeks.  It was a great experience for me because it will help for my future.

Iron Maiden Concert: Iuha’s Adventure in Mountain View

Iuha Park, music enthusiast and one of ECSF’s stellar student ambassadors, had an amazing time at the Iron Maiden concert in Mountain View, but the REAL adventure started after she left the concert. Read more about her experience here…   Fear of the Dark: Lost in Mountain View             I ran down on the grass making a way in the bush. I didn’t understand why I was standing on the edge of the freeway, because I just wanted to find Middlefield Road. I saw a big road sign that was not so helpful: San Jose & Los Angeles. There was nothing but cars that passed by me or made fun of me outside their window, “Heeey! Baaaaaby!” That place was one of entrances to the 101 Freeway. It was midnight, I had never been to Mountain View before, and I didn’t have a car nor a cell phone. No one was around me, I was completely alone.             This might sound like an emergency, but actually I went to see the Iron Maiden concert. Shoreline is a nice outdoor amphitheater, and the show was perfect. Wearing a gorgeous black outfit, singer Bruce Dickinson ruled the audience with his powerful performance. The show finished around 11 pm, and I knew that the last Caltrain to San Francisco was at midnight. I should have taken a taxi, but I decided to trust the directions the locals had given me. Maybe Iron Maiden let me forget all my fear and made me too brave. I started to walk along N. Shoreline Boulevard. I thought it would takes about 20 minutes, but it didn’t, and that night became a disaster!             I asked more people and it seemed that people know where the station was, because all of them gave me similar directions. The … Read more

EC Night at the Movies

Author and Oakland native Jack London wrote famous books about dogs. Tuesday ‘s activity at Oakland’s Jack London Square is a movie about a famous bat. Who is also a man. A bat man. THE Batman. The neighborhood around Jack London Square combines industry and luxury, with swank condominiums and fancy restaurants only a few blocks away from the warehouses of the Port of Oakland. The neigborhood is also home to some of Oakland’s best restaurants, bars and shops, and, of course, a movie theater. ECSF Intern Shaina will be leading a group of students to Regal Cinema to see “The Dark Knight Rises” in Jack London Square today. Sign up at the front desk to join the group. You will need: Money for tickets and public transportation

Destinations: Tilden Regional Park

From the skyscrapers downtown to Ocean Beach on the west end of the city, San Francisco has many different environments to explore. But what do you do when the beach is too cold and you’re tired of Fisherman’s Wharf? The city might have limits, but your travels shouldn’t. A short drive (or ride) from the San Francisco, you’ll find plenty of places that offer  breathtaking and unique experiences, such as Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley. Tilden Park is one of the biggest parks in the East Bay Regional Park District, which includes 65 parks in Alameda and Contra Costa County. The best part? You don’t need a car to get to Tilden! It is only an hour away (and about $11 round trip) by public transit. Just take BART to Downtown Berkeley, and catch the 65 Bus (AC Transit) into the park. Once you arrive, you can ride the carousel, visit a “little farm” where visitors can feed goats, cows, pigs, and other farm animals, take a hike through the woods, and of course, enjoy plenty of fresh air, relaxation, and incredible views of the Bay. When you’re ready to return to civilization, come back down the hill and get a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants and cafes in Berkeley.   Things to bring: Exact bus fare (bus drivers won’t give you change) Some comfortable shoes A camera A water bottle Snacks for you and maybe some celery for the animals And of course, your friends!