Introducing Iuha…

ECSF’s New Intern

Iuha Park, one of our fantastic former student ambassadors, has joined the EC team as our Student Services Intern, and she’ll be working with us until November.  We’re so excited to have you here, Iuha!  Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done so far.  Read more about her below…

Hi, I’m Iuha Park, a student intern from South Korea. Recently, I’ve heard like “Are you still here?” or “Are you working here?” a lot of times. It’s because I used to be an EC student just a few weeks ago. Many people might saw me “Ambassadoring” during last three months and half. I arrived in SF in this April, became one of the first Student Ambassadors, and now I’m working at the front desk with EC staff members (they are my new teachers!) Although sometimes I get confused, I’m having great days learning lots of things and enjoying my new role in such a nice team.

In South Korea, I’ve been studying Library and Information Science in my university over three years. My ultimate goal is being a librarian in university library either in my country or in the US. Therefore, EC internship is interesting for me, because I’m doing both human service and office work as if I’m a real librarian. Lastly, I put a paragraph that is full of my favorite things. Hopefully it’ll be helpful let you know who I am ^_^

: libraries, archives, all kinds of media (of course including books), art history, design, rock and roll, heavy metal, British TV shows, Japanese animations, film noir, fantasy, science fictions, fountain pens, coffee and tea, cocktails, many other cultural subjects and all my people such as friends in both South Korea and here, family, teachers, and so on.