EC Testimonial – Maria Boix

EC student, Maria Boix, graduated on August 24th.  Before she left, she filled out an EC Testimonial describing her experience at our school and in San Francisco.  Thanks, Maria!  We enjoyed having you here. Come visit us again soon!

Maria Boix


I would like to say that I really enjoyed my stay in EC.  I think the staff of the school is really nice and really try to do their best in order to make your stay a good time.  They will for sure solve your problems or doubts, and it is nice to know you can rely the people of the school you are studying in.  The lessons are OK in general, I like having two different teachers because in that way you can listen to different accents, enjoy different ways of learning and avoid being bored.  Just to end, I’d like to say that the activities proposed by the school are great as well.  Keep proposing activities which involve the people with the city.  It’s an amazing way to know not turistic places and get into the real life of the SF citizens.  The installations…great as well!  Thanks for everything…good job!