EC Testimonial – Tenylle Toledano

EC student, Tenylle Toledano, graduated on October 26th.  Before she left, she filled out an EC Testimonial describing her experience at our school and in San Francisco.  Thanks, Tenylle!  We enjoyed having you here.  Come visit us again soon!

Tenylle Toledano


I chose SF because several friends who were already here, loved the city.  I learned that we have to open our minds a little to understand all the differences that exist around us, be it social, racial, cultural and economic.  I think my English improved a lot.  The Post Hotel was well located, close to several tourist spots in SF and has affordable price.  I really commend the EC English for people who are interested in improving the English language, and in addition, the opportunity of meeting people from different countries.  I made great friends here in SF, especially my roommate Sara Galasso.  Sure, I will take many memories and undoubtedly the friends that I make here in SF!