Wells Fargo History Museum Visit

Recently my Business Communication students and I visited the Wells Fargo Museum.  We started with a Treasure Hunt and then were given a guided tour.  The first picture is of the whole group, including our docent, in front of an authentic Concord stagecoach, which was considered the Cadillac of it’s day.  It cost $270 to ride the stagecoach across the country, roughly $10,000 in today’s money.  The journey was non-stop for 15 days and nights.  They estimate that a passenger spent 20 hours a day seated.  The other 4 hours is all the accumulated time it took between stops to change horses (and drivers), which was done at frequent intervals.  It was considered a safe, fast way to make the journey compared to a 6-month boat ride around South America, a 1-2 month boat ride where you also had to walk across Panama and there might be a long wait for a boat on the other side, a dangerous covered-wagon expedition, 4 months riding on horseback, or 1 year walking. The second picture is taken in a replica stagecoach.  Two people stand outside the replica and rock the stagecoach back and forth to give passengers the feel of riding in a real stagecoach. You’ve got to try it…what a ride! http://www.wellsfargohistory.com/museums/museum_sanfrancisco.html

California Tours – Yosemite

A Great Travel Opportunity California Tours is offering a fantastic Yosemite Weekend Trip this holiday season.  What a great opportunity to experience the snow in California!  The next tour date is December 22nd, and you get one night of accommodations at Cedar Lodge, admission to Yosemite National Park, and a professional guide to take you around.  Transportation and all taxes are included. If you haven’t already been to Yosemite, now’s your chance!  Get your EC friends together and explore one of California’s most popular destinations.  It’ll be a trip to remember!  Find more details here… http://www.california-tour.com/guided-bus-tours-packages/tours-from-san-francisco-2/yosemite-national-park-guided-bus-trip/?bookdates=1

Deck the Halls!

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays here in San Francisco!  The city is aglow with festive decorations for this holiday season.  Check out the massive tree in Union Square!  The annual tree lighting happened last Friday, and even if you couldn’t be there for the big moment, you still have plenty of time to check everything out.  Here’s what Union Square looks like this time of year! http://www.unionsquareshop.com/TreeLightingUnionSquare.html And take a look at one of the two lit-up trees in the lobby.  All the red and green colors mixed with the white lights add a warmth to the holiday season.  Keep checking the blog and Facebook during the month of December…we’ll be posting information about the best places to visit during the holidays, gift ideas, cooking tips, etc.

Thanksgiving 2012

This year, our ECers celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, family, and even our host families.  Many of them had never eaten a Thanksgiving meal and were delighted by the delicious food to choose from…turkey with gravy, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and more.  This holiday is a time to spend with loved ones and we were excited that some of our students chose to spend this special time together. Thanks to the students for embracing this part of American culture.  We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we’re looking forward to next year’s.  Take a look at this EC Thanksgiving photo.  Mmmm, that turkey looks good enough to eat!

This Week’s Activity Calendar

 What to Do in San Francisco SF is a culturally diverse city with tons of possibilities for extracurricular activities.  Get your friends together! Participation is key to having a fantastic experience at ECSF.  Why not participate in some (or ALL) of our activities here?  There’s no better way to meet new students while exploring the historic city of San Francisco.  This week includes the Castro Tree Lighting Ceremony at the famous Castro District, The Hood! (an in depth class that explains the history of different SF neighborhoods), an art class, and more! Don’t miss out!  Especially if you’re a new student, this is an opportunity to get an education outside the classroom by immersing yourself in the culture of the city you’re studying in.  If you didn’t already know, we have a new Activity Calendar EVERY week that is posted on Facebook on Fridays so you and your friends can plan what you’d like to do during the following week.  If you want to sign up for an activity, simply come to the front desk.  It’s that easy! Here’s a great picture of some students at Off the Grid, a famous food truck festival held every Wednesday in Berkeley.  Look for this activity in the future!

California Tours – Lake Tahoe

Do you love San Francisco but want to get away for a weekend?  Have you ever booked a tour with California Tours?  If not, now’s your chance!  This holiday season we recommend the “Lake Tahoe with Heavenly Ski Resort” trip.  You get to spend 2 days and 1 night at a beautiful ski resort with an incredible view of Lake Tahoe.  If you enjoy winter activities like ice skaking and snowboarding, why not try skiing? http://www.california-tour.com/guided-bus-tours-packages/tours-from-san-francisco-2/lake-tahoe-with-heavenly-ski-resort/?bookdates=1 But Lake Tahoe isn’t all… California Tours offers trips to many places in California and across the country.  EC students have traveled to Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Las Vegas, and more.  Check out their other tours here! http://www.california-tour.com/book-a-tour-from-los-angeles-san-francisco-san-diego-or-boston/