Oh Cheol’s Description of the Mission Murals

Oh Cheol Kwon, one of our awesome student ambassadors, spent his last day at EC San Francisco today.  We’re sad to see him go and hope that he’ll be back to visit us soon.  Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in, Oh Cheol!  Check out what he had to say about last Friday’s activity, a tour of the famous Mission Murals! “Drew’s Mission Murals Tour” was one of the enjoyable activities at EC.  It was not first time that I participated in school tour activity since I started studying at ECSF.  The main reason I joined in this special activity is that I wanna see something different, modern and not being in museum.  Of course, got to know toward other students as well because I don’t know much about pieces of paintings based on some histrorical events.  I saw many student’s name than I’d expected on the activity list and I found myself they might have the same feeling as mine.  After having talked with some students, then it was true. For me, this activity was all about exploring some kind of hidden Murals, which was painted on the wall, garage, even some place in which it is not used to be.  Teacher Drew took care of us on the tour and prepared for us and knew all about Mission area where he’s one of favorite spots as well as one of tourist attractions.  As you all know, the more information we know, the more fun we can have.  While we are on the way to some other murals, we dropped by at coffee shop that serves spicy coffee and tried its special flavor coffee.  Have you tried “spicy coffee” before?  I’ve never tried the coffee in any place else.  That was so awesome and special.  One of my favorite Murals around Mission area was totally … Read more

Asako’s Adventure in Chinatown!

“The Hood” is a popular after-school activity at EC San Francisco led by Gifford, one of our teachers, and is usually offered every week.  It’s an in-depth class that explains the history of different San Francisco neighborhoods.  Last week, Asako Yamane, one of our dedicated ECers, went to Chinatown with Gifford and a group of other students.  Read about her experience here! “The Hood” is one of my favorite activities at EC.  I have participated more than 5 times.  Gifford, one of our teachers, takes care of us on the tour and knows San Francisco history very well.  He takes us to a lot of interesting places in SF.  I joined the other EC students on Gifford’s activity.  This time we went to Chinatown.  Chinatown is one of the most famous sight-seeing places in SF.  We looked at some temples in Chinatown, parks and markets that have many fresh vegetables and food.  Every time he explained about a building, street, and he also said what happened in the past, so that we could learn more about that place instead of going there by ourselves.  The most interesting place that we went to was the place that makes fortune cookies.  I heard that fortune cookies might have originated in SF.  We could see inside and understand how to make fortune cookies, and have some samples.  Of course we could buy them.  This is very good for students who want to go around SF and are interested in the history of SF.  As for me, I’m very interested in the history of SF, so when I participate in the future, I will enjoy the time.   

Field Trip to Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Learning Outside the Classroom On Thursday, January 17th, Cyndi’s Cadua’s Communication for Business class and Tim Ruiz’s Elementary class took a trip to Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) right here in San Francisco.  They listened to a presentation called “Overview of the PG&E Pacific Energy Center” by Ryan Stroupe, the Project Manager.  He asked both classes a series of questions related to energy efficiency.  The students named the top 10 countries by population, the top 7 sources of energy in the U.S., and the top 10 areas where energy is used in buildings.  Both classes did a fantastic job participating. Mr. Stroupe gave them a tour of the building, which is located very close to EC San Francisco at 851 Howard St (between 5th St & Holland Ct).  Inside the building you’ll find a collection of mini exhibits that demonstrate the way electricity and energy efficiency function.  It’s a great opportunity to learn about what PG&E does in an interactive way. If you’re interested in electrical engineering, the environment, and saving energy, make sure to stop by this building!  They also offer a variety of FREE classes, including a course on lighting and energy.  Check it out!

Things to Do in San Francisco

Are you an EC San Francisco student who’s looking for something to do in this diverse city?!  We asked the staff and teachers at ECSF to name their favorite spots.  Here’s what they came up with.  Check them out!   Museums – DeYoung – California Academy of Sciences (special events on Thursday nights) – Museum of Modern Art   Restaurants – Swan Oyster Depot – Nopa – E Tutto Qua – The Stinking Rose – Farrallon Restaurant – happy hour 7 days a week (everything is $6) – Slanted Door   Extracurricular Activities – Bike riding through Golden Gate Park – Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito – take the ferry back to SF – Walking along the waterfront from Fort Mason to Golden Gate Bridge – Mission Murals – Cable car ride      Hint: the cable car that goes up California Street (up Nob Hill) is less crowded than the one that starts on Market St in front of GAP – The Lyon Street Steps – A late night cocktail and dancing at Top of the Mark (Mark Hopkins Hotel) – Coit Tower – Presidio – Sutro Baths – Wine tasting at the Wine Bar in the Ferry Building – Strybing Arboretum (Golden Gate Park)

California Tours Presentation!

Do you want to visit more places in the United States but don’t know where to begin?  Let California Tours help you plan your adventures!  Join the California Tours Team & Shaina in Castro/Divisadero classroom on Wednesday, January 9th, at 12:20 PM for a California Tours presentation! If you’re interested in traveling to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Yosemite, etc., be sure to check this out!  Below is a great description of a trip to Los Angeles written by Audrey Szultz, one of our past EC San Francisco students.  Click the picture to read more…