Brazilian Students Sing Praises of English Language School in San Francisco

We recently asked several of our Brazilian students to write about their experiences here at our English language school in San Francisco.  This is what they wrote…

1)      Two things you enjoyed and gained from your experience:

  • Loved the integrated approach between academic and cultural activities: great way to learn the language and the culture
  • I’m really learning English; I feel really welcomed by my host family and this is a great city for cultural exchanges
  • Made lots of friends; I’m learning to speak and understand English really fast
  • People (school and city) are friendly and multicultural
  • Quick adaptation, my family was incredible in all aspects; met people from all over the world; so far the best experience in my life
  • Friendly, fun and welcoming environment; very organized and supportive staff
  • Made friends, learned English fast, especially my listening and speaking skills
  • Gaining more and more confidence to speak
  • Made friends, learned about other cultures and cultural differences

2)   Teachers and teaching approaches/methods:

  • Loved the teachers: Kelly, dynamic, interactive, good-humored and fun; A/B teachers provide great balance and variety
  • Tim R. is excellent, good-humored and always receptive to our questions; Judith is a great teacher, interactive and tries to correct our pronunciation
  • Gifford and Anthony are excellent and friendly
  • Good method
  • Karl and Kate are very good and I’m learning a lot; I love the school because it has everything I want and offers all the help I need
  • Tim R is the best teacher, he explains very well and always uses words we understand. He was amazing!
  • Tim M, Kelly and Drew are incredible, dynamic and very creative; they’re engaging and make learning fun
  • Tim M is flexible, funny and his classes are very dynamic; Kate’s pace is excellent, her classes are challenging and I’m learning a lot
  • Judith’s teaching style is great; Tim R’s point of view of American lifestyle is interesting and engaging
  • Cyndi is very diligent and supportive; Tim R is very helpful and has great teaching skills

3) Three adjectives to describe your overall experience and how you would describe EC:

  • Fantastic, exciting, challenging
  • Great method, great environment, great teachers
  • Good, pleasant, professional
  • Professional, serious, good
  • Great, multicultural, extraordinary
  • Friendly, welcoming, fun
  • Interesting, cool, “I recommend ECSF”
  • Challenging, positive, memorable
  • Fun, exciting, challenging

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