A short walk with my Intermediate level English course in San Francisco

A couple weeks ago, our class walked to Hyatt Regency and Ferry Building.  This is not too wondering for me, because I’ve been before.  Although, the Hyatt Hotel was so big and luxury, I wanna stay there someday.

After the Hyatt, I went with my Intermediate level English course, in San FranciscoFlowers001, of course, to Ferry Building.  During walking, I felt so nice and comfortable, because the weather was so nice.  Although  a little windy, but the sunshine was wonderful.   And I saw many seagulls  –  I thought, the seagulls in America are bigger than in Korea.

In the Ferry Building, I ate a yogurt ice cream.  It was supposed to be very excellent, but in my opinion it was just so-so.  Except for the ice cream store, there are so many stores.  If I had a lot of time, I would buy a lot of things like cheese, chocolates, and coffee, etc..

And I wanted to ride a bicycle around the Ferry Building and that area.  When I come back with my boyfriend, we will do that, and ride in the sunshine.  It was really cool walking with my class.  Thank you, Karl, for the wonderful experience.

R., Korea