Where to Eat Near EC San Francisco

About 10% of the people in the U.S. are vegetarian, and in some countries, the percentage is much higher.  Add to this the number of people with some other form of special diet, and there are a lot of people looking for somewhere to eat that isn’t McDonald’s.  On a regular basis, I’m going to offer suggestions for vegetarian / vegan restaurants fairly close to EC San Francisco.Chinatown

For Chinese (all vegan), the clear best bet is Lucky Creation 854 Washington St, San Francisco · (415) 989-0818, in Chinatown.  This is a little “hole in the wall” restaurant (seats about 20) on the uphill side of Washington from Grant Ave., Chinatown’s “main drag.”  I’ve never had a bad dish at Lucky Creation, and you can get dishes here that simply don’t appear on the menu in other Chinese veggie places, or many mainstream Chinese restaurants.  If you ever had Chinese jerky before, you have to try their vegan version  –  chewy, sweet, and with just the right tang of Star Anise to make the taste authentic.  Also try the vegetables in the potato “bird’s nest.”  Fun to look at, and a nice contrast between the crispy potato basket and the succulent vegetables.  And the sweet and sour walnuts are to die for.  Don’t miss this place.  The prices are right too, and it’s only about 6 blocks from EC.