Student change helps promote change, EC San Francisco

One minor irritation of travel is what to do with the change in the local currency when you leave.  Banks and currency exchanges won’t exchange it.  EC San Francisco is proud to announce a monthly charity that we will be supporting with our change jar!  Every month, our teachers and staff nominate and vote for a local charity.  Students are encouraged to donate any extra change they can spare to support a great cause.  Students are free to donate change at any time, but it makes a lot so sense to do so when leaving.

In the past we have supported such diverse local organizations as The Homeless Children’s Network and San Francisco’s ASPCA, which is one of the most acclaimed animal care and adoption centers in the nation.  So, if you happen to decide to study English at EC San Francisco, an you have any quarters, dimes, nickels, or even pennies lying around, why not give them to a fantastic organization that benefits the community?