Jenny goes skydiving!

Jenny has been a student at EC San Francisco

Jenny in the air.
Jenny in the air.

for a long time, and just completed the FCE course.  Here’s her experience skydiving.

On June 2, I went  skydiving with my friends. The place is located between Stockton and Sacramento. The name is ‘Parachute Center’. It cost 100 dollars for the jump, 50 dollars for video or picture and 75 dollars for both of them.

 On the morning we rented cars and went there. It took about 1 hour and half. After we paid for skydiving and prepared to jump I felt a little nervous in one side but in the other side I was really looking forward to it. Two skydivers jumped for me. One person took my pictures and video and the other person jumped with me. I think the time when the plane took off was more scary for me. And jumping wasn’t my decision because I depended on him with strings. A skydiver behind  me counted 1,2,3 and we jumped! Diving before the parachute was opened was so awesome!! I didn’t have the same feeling when I took a rollercoaster because it was faster than rollercoaster. I had a little earache but at that time the view was so wonderful that I couldn’t feel any hurt.

 It was such a special experience for me and now I want to do it again! No one can know about the feeling that they are in the sky before they do skydiving. I really recommend it to everyone. After doing this you’ll think you can do any hard thing.