The Castro Theater, a San Francisco landmark

The Castro Theatre is one of the oldest movie theaters in San Francisco. The theater was built in 1922, with a beautiful mixture of Spanish colonial, Chinese, and Italian architecture. The inside of the theater is decorated with murals, an ornate stage curtain and a massive Wurlitzer organ which is played before most movies.  It is one of the few untouched survivors in the Bay Area of the great “movie palaces” of the early 20th century.

Nowadays, the theater plays classic American movies, and visitors can travel back in time to enjoy the traditional American movie experience with a unique San Francisco twist.

If you want to see a movie at the Castro Theatre, check the Castro schedule online.

The theater is in the heart of San Francisco’s famous Castro District, easy to reach on Muni Metro.  After the movie, there are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars to enjoy if you and your friends want to stay out late.




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