“Pronunciation Power” helps develop English for Adult and Executive students at EC San Francisco

Maybe you’ve had this problem.  Your grammar is pretty good, you have enough vocabulary, you feel fairly confident when speaking English, but when you talk to native speakers, a lot of the time you hear “WHAT?????”  The experience makes you feel bad, and really damages your confidence.  Well, maybe the solution is an easy one  –  it might be your pronunciation.

“Pronunciation Power” is a free one-hour class that we offer weekly to our adult and executive students here at EC San Francisco.  The class may address common problems (for example, “th” sounds, and the “ir” in bird and world), problems related to your first language (when you say “like,” do people hear you say “lie?”) or individual issues that vary from student to student.  Many “serious” pronunciation issues can be fixed in a short time (some in less than 5 minutes), but you really need an expert to hear what you are doing wrong, and help you learn how to do it right.  And the class is free.  Just one of many free classes and activities available at EC San Francisco, and all EC schools.  Follow the link to our website.



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