Grammar Help is available (without calling 911)

EC Students approve of the Grammar Doctor
EC Students approve of the Grammar Doctor

Most students would say that the core of learning a language is to be able to use the grammar.  As a result, almost all ESL schools focus, to some extent, on the basics of English grammar.  Sometimes, however, the work in class just isn’t enough to make the idea clear to you, or you want to know now not later, but you don’t want to interrupt the teacher.  Don’t fear  –  the “Grammar Doctor” is here.

One of EC San Francisco’s weekly free classes, the Grammar Doctor is ready to help you with grammar (or other) questions, assist with homework, or just make you feel more confident about what you are doing.  As with our program as a whole, our goal is to make learning English as positive and productive an experience as is possible.  (And this isn’t just EC San Francisco  –  the same is true for all EC centers.)  So drop in on the Grammar Doctor for “a checkup.”  It’s painless  –  and it’s free.



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