“The Hood” a free student activity at EC San Francisco

All cities have neighborhoods, and all neighborhoods have history.  However, often even local people have no idea about the history of their city.  San Francisco has a famous neighborhood that is easily understood by everyone  –  Chinatown.  And there is the Mission District, currently a vibrant cultural center of The City.  However, not everyone knows that the area is named for the Spanish Mission San Francisco de Assisi (Mission Dolores) that still sits quietly on the edge of the neighborhood.  You can probably guess why Little Italy is called that (just check out the restaurants), but why is Russian Hill called Russian Hill?  And what is the Western Addition?

A very popular free activity at ECSF involves students in discovering the history of San Francisco neighborhoods, the influence of people of different nationalities on The City, and the geographic and demographic changes since San Francisco began as a tiny military base belonging to Spain.  Walking, or using public transportation, students get to and then explore various SF neighborhoods, learning about the fascinating history of this famous multicultural center while practicing their English.  This is one of our most popular free activities, and many students come back week after week to learn more about The City, and see it with new eyes.  San Francisco’s “Hoods” are calling you.  Why not join us to learn more?



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