4th of July Independence Day BBQ or POTLUCK??

That’s the question!!!

This a special date for American people,

When this day was coming, I was thinking of a big Hot Dog (San Francisco Corn Dog), Big burger and some beers, these was the perfect food for this day, at least for the big day, because when you listened to some American people spoke about your 4th of July, they always said the right word BBQ, friends and family.

But for me, this wasn´t a BBQ, why? Because for me it was the best Potluck in my life, mmm ok my second best potluck, (sometimes I felt I now owned this word, and I am really felt like an American person jajaja is so strange!!) also I knew this word here, at the school, on last May, when EC had its birthday, everybody brought the most representative food of his countries; it was an amazing day.

 Otherwise,  this day I went to my friend´s house with some other friends to the best Potluck in San Francisc;, we shared the best food I had ever eaten before, a traditional sourdough bread from San Francisco, lasagna, vegetables and avocado salad, rice with vegetables, roast chicken, burgers, corn dog, red and white wine and the best dessert for me, plum pie with ice cream.

Everybody that went to the 4th of July, to my friend´s house were from different countries; it was an amazing experience –  we met there with Mexican, Canadian, Brazilian, French and of course,  American people.


At night we went together to The Ferry Building (near to the Bay) to see an amazing and fantastic Fireworks, the day was perfect for me, unforgettable day, always in my mind. It was the real American culture.


This is America – everybody brought the best from your native countries to share it with us.








Medellín – Colombia



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