Adventures in Niagara Falls and EC San Francisco-by Student Ambassador Tamasha Pussurmanova

Tamasha San FranciscoTamasha Niagra Falls


Hi my name is Tamasha. I would like to tell you about my trip to the USA. I came to the USA last November. I visited Chicago for Business with my brother and dad. We lived in downtown on the 35th floor, it was amazing I could see all of the city. Also we went to the Sears Tower with a glass balcony and I can say that Chicago has a lot of interesting museums, such as a hi-tech museum that I really liked. We spent 4 days in Chicago and last week we decided to travel to New York, but at that time there was a tornado and it was not safe to go. So, we chose to go to Niagara Falls. We rented a car and went there. We had a lot of fun during our trip. Our GPS told us to get to the Falls through Canada. The Customs workers told us that we couldn’t go with our visa through Canada to visit Niagara Falls. So we rode the other way, we were upset but we decided that we could spend more time together and see other sites and we did. We visited Detroit, we saw a lot of movies about how that city was dangerous, but spent just 3 hours: We had lunch and we didn’t see anything bad or dangerous, lucky for us! Finally, we got to Niagara Falls, there were huge, beautiful Falls and the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. I had a really good trip even though it was November and it was a little bit cold.

We got home to Kazakhstan and I decided to visit the US again, but stay longer. So after six months I came to US not for business, but for my studying. I came to San Francisco to EC English. I met a lot of friends from different countries. I can say that San Francisco is one of the most interesting cities that I’ve been to. I like North Beach and the very beautiful Italian restaurants, Telegraph Hill with Coit Tower where you can see amazing views or going to Golden Gate Park and having fun with my friends and barbecuing. My suggestion for travelers is not to be shocked by what you see at parades, but to just breath and take it all in. You might see naked people or other crazy things, which shocked me at first, but now I barely notice it.

I will stay here for a long time I will have fun here and all the crazy, amazing, gorgeous things in San Francisco will become normal for me. I can say one thing, I am already in love with this cityJ.



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