Students Write Restaurant Reviews!


This week, one of our writing classes wrote reviews on restaurants they have been to in the San Francisco Bay Area. Take a look at their reviews!

Review of Mama’s- by Eugene:

A few days ago,
I went to the MAMA’S restaurant with my friend.
The MAMA’S is breakfast and lunch restaurant, so that open to 7:30 am ~ 3:00 pm at Tue ~ Sun.
There is very crowded. If you are going to there, you will wait about one hour and half.
Finally you go into the restaurant. the atmosphere is little bit antique, so I’m interested about that.
feel likes as if really I live in SF.
you can see the kitchen and lots of menu.
I think all food is delicious and price is low.
Most of them the jam is awesome.
If you go to the MAMA’S, you never regret.
The waiting is worth it!
Review of 707 Sutter St- by Ohbin:
I’m gonna introduce about korean restaurant.
This restaurant called 707 Sutter St.
Also there is a this restaurant in 707 Sutter St (between Jones St & Taylor St)
I have often gone there with my friends for eating some foods and drinking a soju and beers
I think that this restaurant is very good.
Because this restaurant has a lot of menu so I can eat a variety of foods in this restaurant.
I like to eat korean foods so I used to find great restaurant. However, I can’t find that.
When I went to other restaurants . I can’t feel like this restaurant .
so If I want to eat korean foods, I’m going to go there. I like KalBi(BBQ : it’s korean food’s name)
It’s  one of my favorite food in this restaurant… so I’d rather go to this restaurant than other restaurants.
Of course, I can eat other foods. I want to eat again this food….
Moreover, This restaurant’s service is very good. waiters are very kind and friendly in this restaurant.
and we can celebrate for brithday in this place. so Almost korean people have gone there for friend’s birthday.
it’s good place in SF. so you have to try to go there!
I can recommed for you !!! you have to believe me!! If you want to eat korean foods , you have to go there!!!
Furthemore, I’m going to go there soon^^
Crocker Galleria, for lunch
Crocker Galleria, for lunch
Review of Sophie’s Crepes by – Ranya
Sophie’s crepes is about dessert and creperies. they have a lot of kind of crepe. They can make meal crepe and dessert crepe to you . The best of crepe for me that is chocolate whipping cream banana with ice-cream. It is very delicious and looking is very nice . The whipping cream is very smooth and softy. Don’t shock when you see a lot of  people stand in front of there. Anyway You can eat crepe because they can make crepe very fast. At that time , i went to there at afternoon on saturday, Many people stayed  waiting to eat it. But i just waited about 15 mins to got it. I recommend it to you … You have to try !!! It is sooo good !!!
Review of A Great Restaurant -by Amy:

2 weeks ago, I went to a Thai & Singapore restaurant in Westfield 4th floor. Actually we hesitated to enter the restaurant because we didn’t know that the Thai & Singapore food is either good or bad.

After, we decided to enter. The restaurant atmosphere was really elegant and beautiful. And then we sat down the chair and saw the menu. But we didn’t know which food was delicious. So we called to waiter and the waiter recommended to us some food.

We decided to order green curry and beef. After we got the food, we ate that. The beef taste was awesome!!!! And green curry taste was not bad. We finished all those dishes deliciously and we were very satisfied with our choice. Also the waiter was really kindly and always smiling.

Although there food were very expensive, but we want to go there again!






Coffee is my best beverage. I can’t live without coffee.

When I was came here SF. My roommate introduced a cafe where taste is great. She told me she is addicting to that coffee. Also she couldn’t go the other café since she tasted that coffee. So I was very excited to go there named ‘BLUE BOTTLE’. There was any sign, just the blue color of battle. That was very impressed for me. It was impossible to get a coffee right away. So I had to wait for a cup of coffee. While I was waiting on a line, my expectation was bigger and bigger.

At last, I could take a cup of coffee. Umm~ that was fantastic flavor. Not only flavor but also smells were great! @0@ Finally, I addicted to that coffee too. I love blue bottle.



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