Join us at EC San Francisco

Yes, EC San Francisco students Love SF.  And they invite you to join our school as well.  And this is a good time to sign up for classes in 2014 because you can get reduced prices for English Courses.   Here are some reasons to come: *Learn English with students from at least 20 other countries *Get the TOEFL score you need to enter university *Make friends for life! *Learn about the unique city of San Francisco by visiting many of the great neighborhoods with your teachers, everywhere from North Beach to The Haight. * Join EC activities and free classes to extend your English learning way beyond the classroom *Live in our brand new student residence, The Monastery, in San Francisco’s hippest neighborhood (The Mission)  where you might see one our neighbors, Mark Zuckerburg, out having coffee!

Prince Charles – ECSF’s teaching royalty

He’s statuesque by nature (really, really tall), but don’t ask him if he plays basketball. Charles is effortlessly poetic. He’s well read, witty, and he can eat burrito in a minute. Charles is one of EC San Francisco’s great teachers. How do I know? Well, the other day I was looking for inspiration. I was walking around our school when I happened to pass by Charles’ class. As I was strolling by I couldn’t help but notice that his students were all attentive and engaged. Impulsively, I decided to enter the room. With my camera in hand and the wink of my left eye, Charles knew that I was up to something. He kindly offered me a seat and I sat down. What an exciting moment! After two months of working with EC as the Accommodations Coordinator, I had never experienced classroom life. What an interesting and fun perspective I was thinking. The topic for the class was prince charming. The question was posed, “What does prince charming look like”? I had not envisioned how interesting this topic this would turn out to be. With so many different personalities and cultures in the class, the discussion set off quickly. The responses were as diverse as the class itself. In the end I saw students utilizing many grammatical structures that were covered in their CORE classes, and I didn’t see students who were afraid of making mistakes. Participation was at 100 percent. It was a great experience for me and I took a some great shots of Charles while he wasn’t looking 🙂  After sitting through one of his classes at ECSF, you might think he was royalty. He is very popular and well respected. Most importantly about his students, they love his class. His lessons are well crafted, and his … Read more

Farewell Seiya!

Hi ECSF students and readers, Today it is with great sadness that ECSF must once again say goodbye to another great intern and team member, Seiya. Seiya has been a phenomenal part of ECSF this summer and has put more effort and dedication into her work than any of us at EC could have imagined. While the summer is a calm time at most schools, at ECSF it’s the busiest and most hectic time of the year. Through the hustle and bustle of making it to class and avoiding the occasional BART strike, Seiya has been there with a great smile and professional demeanor that few people have matched. Seiya has displayed an incredible amount warmth and professionalism while holding down the fort that is the reception desk at ECSF. She has always gone above and beyond the call of duty and set a new standard for excellence at our school. Her interest in cross-cultural communication skills has been incredibly helpful to students and teachers alike and for that we all truly thank her. Seiya, all of us at ECSF wish you the very best in your future endeavors, in which we know you will succeed. You will always have a home here in San Francisco. Teacher Tim  

Thank You EC San Francisco

  Hi ECSF Readers, My internship at EC San Francisco is coming to an end… I had spent a wonderful and exciting two months here in San Francisco. I’ve seen many parts of the city and traveled outside of the city. Most of all, I got to experience many things as an intern at EC. Working for the first time in the United States using only English and working in a completely different environment, I got to discover and experience many things. And since EC is an English school for foreigners, I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Working at EC, I learned a lot of useful business English and business style. However, I have also experienced a lot of confusion because of cultural differences. For example, calling my senior coworkers by their first name without adding any title felt impolite and inappropriate at first. Now that I’m used to it, I feel more comfortable about it. It makes it easier to communicate with each other, which is very important in business. If I do that in Japan, it would be very rude and disrespectful to my seniors. It is important to understand the culture of who you are working with. At EC, there are many teachers and staff that are interested and have experience working or traveling in foreign countries. There are so many things that I have learned from them. I really appreciate the admin staff for teaching me everything from the very beginning and for always supporting me. I am absolutely going to miss everyone from EC. Other than EC, I will miss life in San Francisco. Life in SF consists…. -Frozen Yogurt (froyo). I am addicted. It is on the first floor of the building. My favorite flavor is yogurt with … Read more

Tales from the Library

   Hi ECSF students and readers, I’m sure many of you are taking advantage of all the great social activities that can be done in our San Francisco. For those of you who are looking for an authentically San Francisco experience, the Folsom Street Fair is this weekend. If street fairs are not your scene, you may want to continue your academic endeavors. If that is the case, there is no better place to go in SF than the main branch of the public library at Civic Center. The main branch of the San Francisco public library is conveniently located at the Civic Center in the heart of the City, so it is easily accessible by public transportation from pretty much anywhere. This is the best public library I have ever visited and it offers residents and visitors alike many great resources and services. For anyone looking for a quiet place to study with free Internet access and a vast array of books, magazines, and much more, this is the place for you. Every class outing I’ve taken to this library has been an informative and enjoyable experience. ECSF students can find much more than just books and archives, though, as the library often hosts Q&A events by authors and historical exhibits relating to California’s past. My favorite feature, though, are the archives on the top floor of the building. These archives offer everyone the chance to interact with history at its finest in an unfiltered setting. The many great treasures available for viewing make for great source materials for students working on research projects or those who just want a greater connection to San Francisco’s amazing past. Until next time, Teacher Tim  

Writing Class Challenge – What to do for free in San Francisco?!

This week the writing class was presented with a challenge – create a short writing with five fun activities to do in San Francisco that are free – all you have is a Clipper Card, no money! Students got creative in their suggestions, which are written below. #1 – Eugenia Nikitina If you are coming to San Francisco on a budget, here are some great things for you to do. First you should go to Embarcadero to see Bay Bridge and lots of beautiful views. It’s located not far from EC-school and it is good because you can get it by foot. Also in San Francisco are many amazing parks. For example, you can go to the Golden Gate Park for a picnic and playing in various games on fresh air. Also you can take your skateboard or bicycle because there are many places where you can ride it.  It can be very funny. Golden Gate Park pretty far from down town and I advise you go there by muni but if you like walking very much it will be about 45 minutes by foot. Then you can go to the ocean beach to see the Pacific Ocean and sunbath if weather should be good. You can play soccer, volleyball or something else with other people on the beach.  It is near from the Golden Gate Park and it will be very easy to get there. Also all this places have stunning views and you have a chance to take the great photos. Have a good time! ____________________________________________________________ #2 – Becky and Justin   If you are coming to San Francisco on a budget, here are some great things for you to do. First, you should go to Golden Gate Bridge and see famous bridge in world. It is located … Read more

Student Ambassador Yohko Kayahara Explores Free Yoga in San Francisco!

  The other day, I went to an AY lecture about Yoga by Laura and learned that there are a lot of yoga studios in SF. When you hear the word “yoga”, what comes to your mind? I think although most people think yoga is difficult, yoga is simple and easy. Of course, some poses are so difficult, but most teachers know the most important thing in yoga is to enjoy yourself. So how about doing yoga without thinking too much?  If you want to try to do yoga, there are many opportunities for you in SF. For example, I know two places we can do yoga for free. First, we can take part in a yoga class every Tuesday from 6:15 p.m. at Grace Cathedral.There are a lot of people, but the light is dim, so if you don’t do yoga well, nobody looks at you. But you need to bring a yoga mat. YOGA ON THE LABYRINTH     Another option that we can take part in is a yoga class every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. The place is called “prAna” and is a yoga clothing shop near Japantown and you don’t need a yoga mat. prAna San Francisco     In addition to the two yoga class, we have a chance to do yoga under the sky. Although I haven’t been there, I want to go there in the near future. Free Rooftop Yoga Sundays at Lombardi Sports It is said that yoga is good for our health and mind. If you are scared to go by yourself, please invite me!  

Student Ambassador Chulkyun Jeon Reflects on College Football at UC Berkeley! GOOO BEARS!

  I went to the UC Berkeley football game with my classmate to watch an NCAA football game with the California Golden Bears versus the Portland State Vikings last Saturday. I have never seen a football game, not even through broadcasting. It is not a famous sport in my country, Korea. However, I wanted to know why many people in America are so enthusiastic about football. To tell the truth, I would like to watch a 49ers game in the stadium. Unfortunately, the ticket price was more expensive than I expected. Therefore, I tried to find a cheaper ticket or watch an amateur game. While I was web surfing, I found a match for the CAL Bears versus the Portland Vikings at UC Berkeley. Besides, the ticket prices were not so expensive. It was such a great opportunity to watch a football game in the stadium. I went with 13 ECers. Most of the ECers didn’t know how to play football. However, they also wanted to watch a football game. The day of match, the weather had never been better. Before the game, there was a performance by the big band and cheerleaders. They made the atmosphere of the stadium fill with excitement. The game took almost 4 hours. However, nobody felt bored during the game. Personally, the result of the game was not important. To feel the atmosphere of the football game was more important than the score. In the end, the CAL bears won the game. I could feel a true spirit of camaraderie during the game. Besides, to watch a football game gave a whole new meaning to me. I’d like to watch a game again. Of course, I highly recommend watching a football game in the stadium whatever it will be a professional game or amateur … Read more

A Must Place To Go In San Francisco: Alcatraz

Have you already been to Alcatraz? If you are studying in San Francisco, don’t miss the chance of learning about a darker side of San Francisco. Go to Alcatraz and you will find out that just a mile and a quarter away from the beautiful city, there once was a prison where the truth of a mystery can be discovered. Here are some interesting facts about Alcatraz. Alcatraz was an ordinary island for thousands of years. In 1931, it became a federal prison which kept some well-known prisoners. For example, Al Capone and Alvin Karpis. On Alcatraz, there were no executions. But there were 5 suicides and 8 murders. The dead bodies were sent back to family members or buried. There were 14 people who attempted escapes. The best known escapes were attempted by Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin. They used a dummy head so that the officers would think they were sleeping. They managed to escape into the water and used raincoats as floatation devices. However, since their bodies were not found, people figured that they had drowned. On the island, there are 8 buildings. The main building, which is called the cell house, is where the prisoners used to live. The tour provides a 45minute audio tour in the cell house. You can see the dummy head in one of the rooms. Also, you can see the rooms where their food was supplied. At Alcatraz, female prisoners were not allowed so the only females were visitors and officers’ wives and children. From Alcatraz, you can see a beautiful view of the city. You can also see both The Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge. If you book a tour during the America’s Cup, hopefully you can watch it from a close distance from the Alcatraz ferry. … Read more

Take A Boat Ride in Golden Gate Park

Hi ECSF readers, As many of you might already be aware, Golden Gate Park is as massive as it is beautiful. Nearly twenty percent larger than Central Park in New York City, it is easy to lose yourself in the large terrain. For those of you who read my posting about Mallard Lake, here is the second in an ongoing series of blog entries with suggestions of activities to do inside the park. Stow Lake is one of the gems of San Francisco, located near 19th Avenue and boasting what could be the tallest peak in GGP itself. Stow Lake is not as secluded as Mallard Lake but easily offers visitors plenty of activities to do. Whether you’re looking for some serene silence or a good run to get your blood pumping, the numerous pathways and park benches around the lake offer something for everyone. Stow Lake is home to numerous birds, too, such as ducks and geese. You will often find these birds as well as squirrels and other small animals swimming and scurrying about. Stow Lake also has an island in the middle of it that is easily accessible via a stone bridge constructed in the late 1980s. The best part about Stow Lake is that you can rent a boat for your own private cruise on the water. I think this activity will be especially fun for those of us who spend most of our time on the shore. After your boat ride, BBQ some lunch with your friends at the nearby picnic area. Until next time, Tim