Join us at EC San Francisco

Yes, EC San Francisco students Love SF.  And they invite you to join our school as well.  And this is a good time to sign up for classes in 2014 because you can get reduced prices for English Courses.   Here are some reasons to come: *Learn English with students from at least 20 other countries … Read more

Prince Charles – ECSF’s teaching royalty

He’s statuesque by nature (really, really tall), but don’t ask him if he plays basketball. Charles is effortlessly poetic. He’s well read, witty, and he can eat burrito in a minute. Charles is one of EC San Francisco’s great teachers. How do I know? Well, the other day I was looking for inspiration. … Read more

Farewell Seiya!

Hi ECSF students and readers, Today it is with great sadness that ECSF must once again say goodbye to another great intern and team member, Seiya. Seiya has been a phenomenal part of ECSF this summer and has put more effort and dedication into her work than any of us at EC could have imagined. While … Read more

Thank You EC San Francisco

  Hi ECSF Readers, My internship at EC San Francisco is coming to an end… I had spent a wonderful and exciting two months here in San Francisco. I’ve seen many parts of the city and traveled outside of the city. Most of all, I got to experience many things as an intern at EC. Working for the f … Read more

Tales from the Library

   Hi ECSF students and readers, I’m sure many of you are taking advantage of all the great social activities that can be done in our San Francisco. For those of you who are looking for an authentically San Francisco experience, the Folsom Street Fair is this weekend. If street fairs are not your sc … Read more

Writing Class Challenge – What to do for free in San Francisco?!

This week the writing class was presented with a challenge – create a short writing with five fun activities to do in San Francisco that are free – all you have is a Clipper Card, no money! Students got creative in their suggestions, which are written below. #1 – Eugenia Nikitina I … Read more

Student Ambassador Yohko Kayahara Explores Free Yoga in San Francisco!

  The other day, I went to an AY lecture about Yoga by Laura and learned that there are a lot of yoga studios in SF. When you hear the word “yoga”, what comes to your mind? I think although most people think yoga is difficult, yoga is simple and easy. Of course, some poses are so di … Read more

Student Ambassador Chulkyun Jeon Reflects on College Football at UC Berkeley! GOOO BEARS!

  I went to the UC Berkeley football game with my classmate to watch an NCAA football game with the California Golden Bears versus the Portland State Vikings last Saturday. I have never seen a football game, not even through broadcasting. It is not a famous sport in my country, Korea. However, … Read more

A Must Place To Go In San Francisco: Alcatraz

Have you already been to Alcatraz? If you are studying in San Francisco, don’t miss the chance of learning about a darker side of San Francisco. Go to Alcatraz and you will find out that just a mile and a quarter away from the beautiful city, there once was a prison where the truth of a mystery can … Read more