The America’s Cup on San Francisco Bay!

Saturday September 7 was one of those absolutely perfect days in San Francisco, clear, no fog, quite warm and thankfully quite windy on the water, because it was the first 2 races of the 2013 America’s Cup.  After a long summer of preliminaries, there are 2 finalists.  The defending team are the American Team sponsored by Oracle, and the challenger is the New Zealand team sponsored by Emirates Air.

On Saturday there were 2 races and New Zealand won both of them!  And again on Sunday there were 2 races, New Zealand won the first and the USA won the second.  The races are FAST, each over in about 30-35 minutes and watching these incredibly fast boats is thrilling.

The races continue on San Francisco Bay until there is a winner…New Zealand needs to win 9 out of 17 and the US has a more difficult job, they must win 11 out of a possible 19 races.AC#1

The America’s cup is the OLDEST trophy sport in the world, pre-dating the modern Olympics.  The first race was in 1851!  The yacht, named “America” represented the newly formed New York Yacht Club and beat the British Royal Yacht.



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