Student Ambassador Yohko Kayahara Explores Free Yoga in San Francisco!


The other day, I went to an AY lecture about Yoga by Laura and learned that there are a lot of yoga studios in SF.

When you hear the word “yoga”, what comes to your mind? I think although most people think yoga is difficult, yoga is simple and easy. Of course, some poses are so difficult, but most teachers know the most important thing in yoga is to enjoy yourself. So how about doing yoga without thinking too much?

 If you want to try to do yoga, there are many opportunities for you in SF. For example, I know two places we can do yoga for free.

First, we can take part in a yoga class every Tuesday from 6:15 p.m. at Grace Cathedral.There are a lot of people, but the light is dim, so if you don’t do yoga well, nobody looks at you. But you need to bring a yoga mat.



GC Yoga Grace Cathedral


Another option that we can take part in is a yoga class every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. The place is called “prAna” and is a yoga clothing shop near Japantown and you don’t need a yoga mat. prAna San Francisco




In addition to the two yoga class, we have a chance to do yoga under the sky. Although I haven’t been there, I want to go there in the near future.

Free Rooftop Yoga Sundays at Lombardi Sports

It is said that yoga is good for our health and mind. If you are scared to go by yourself, please invite me!




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