Writing Class Challenge – What to do for free in San Francisco?!

This week the writing class was presented with a challenge – create a short writing with five fun activities to do in San Francisco that are free – all you have is a Clipper Card, no money! Students got creative in their suggestions, which are written below.

#1 – Eugenia Nikitina

If you are coming to San Francisco on a budget, here are some great things for you to do.

First you should go to Embarcadero to see Bay Bridge and lots of beautiful views. It’s located not far from EC-school and it is good because you can get it by foot.

Also in San Francisco are many amazing parks. For example, you can go to the Golden Gate Park for a picnic and playing in various games on fresh air. Also you can take your skateboard or bicycle because there are many places where you can ride it.  It can be very funny. Golden Gate Park pretty far from down town and I advise you go there by muni but if you like walking very much it will be about 45 minutes by foot.

Then you can go to the ocean beach to see the Pacific Ocean and sunbath if weather should be good. You can play soccer, volleyball or something else with other people on the beach.  It is near from the Golden Gate Park and it will be very easy to get there.

Also all this places have stunning views and you have a chance to take the great photos.

Have a good time!

Tamasha San Francisco


#2 – Becky and Justin


If you are coming to San Francisco on a budget, here are some great things for you to do.

First, you should go to Golden Gate Bridge and see famous bridge in world. It is located at Persidio and it is good because you can see exceedingly beautiful view and bridge. However, it is often foggy day. You can’t see beautiful view and bridge in foggy day. Beside it is a little cold and windy. I hope that it is sunny when you go there.

Then you can go to Golden Gate Park and see a lot of things in park like museum, lack, grove ….ext. It is located at______. It is good because Golden Gate Park  is the fifth most-visited city park in the United States after Central Park in New York City. Also if you go there, you can relax in park with good view and you can go famous museum in San Francisco.  Moreover you can experience real American styles.

You should take a cable car and go to the cable car museum. It is located at near the powell bart station and cable car museum located at 1201 Mason Street. It is good because it is famous in San Francisco.

Then you can go to fisherman’s wharf and see many things. This is good and fun. It is located at 47 Sausalito – San Francisco pier 39.


Next, you can go to the twin peaks and see night view of San Francisco. This is awesome and fantastic. It is located at Twin peaks. If you don’t have a car, you will difficultly go to there. Twin peaks often is foggy. If you are lucky, you will see night view of San Francisco. You should try many times.

If you have strong mind, you will be able to go to many places. You need Google maps, which is very useful. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#3 – Ohbin

If you are coming to SF on a budget, here are some great things for you to do.
First you should go to Dolores Park and see beautiful landscape.
It’s near Castro so you can fine so easily.
And it is good because if you need to relax more, you can relax comfortably in Dolores Park.
Also Bring some food and beverages like beers, snacks and something likes that.
it’s necessary to bring that ! there are a lot of people for getting to relax mind.
Then you can go to Golden Gate Park.
it’s so famous place in USA. so when I arrived in SF first. I went there directly
However, When you go there, check the weather.
sometimes, you can’t see Golden Gate park perfectly. because of foggy.
it’s big problem whether you can see that or not.
Next, I’m going to introduce about Pier39.
Do you like to see a animal? if you like that, you can see some sea lion in Pier39
sea lion is so amazing because it’s so cute unexpectedly.
so I often go there for watching sea lion with my friends.
Furthermore, There are a lot of  delicious restaurant  in Pier39.
but you have to pay for eating some foods it’s not free^^
Next place is Fisherman’s Wharf.
I like to eat seafood so I usually go to Fisherman’s Wharf for eating seafood.
Clam chowder and Crab chowder are so popular food in here.
I have eaten them in Fisherman’s Wharf. I can recommend that for you!
Especially, Crab is so delicious. but it’s a little expensive. you have to check the cost.
Lastly, You should go to Lombard Street.
if you go there , you can see a lot of flowers in here. It’s so pretty street.
I have been there with my friends for watching flowers 2 weeks ago.
It’s good memory for me. I had seen that before I went to Lombard Street.
I Used to take a picture with landscape in here. 
Anyway, you have to go there!!!
In conclusion, I recommended places are free everything except cost of public transportation!!
Let’s go for sightsee^^
#4 – Moon and Jaewon
If you are coming to San Francisco on a budget, here are some great things you to do.
First you should go to the civic center l.b and see a lot of books.
It is located at to nearby civic center s.t.  It is good because there are clam atmosphere and many kind of seat. So you can choose the seat that you want.
Than you can go to ferry building by on foot about 10mintes from here and see the beautiful beach, a lot of stores(food store, souvenir store …etc. ) in there. This is fun because there are many benches in front of beach so you can sit in the bench seeing beautiful beach.
Number 3 is fisherman’s wharf. This place is port. You can ride ferries. There are many seafood restaurant  and funny stores, some museums. You can go there by number 6 muni.  It is just 15mintes go there.
And number 4,sosalito. The sosalito is town in San Francisco. There are many beautiful houses  and calm and peaceful atmosphere there house is very expensive so there are many riches live in there.  The landscape is very beautiful and you can find delicious ice cream shop in there. Many peoples are line on the store.  So you can find that store very easily.
 The last place is golden gate bridge. This is very famous bridge in the world.   The red color is very unique and easy to see.  When foggy days, mysterious atmosphere  in there. You can go there by f number muni.
The Golden Gate Bridge, as seen from the Legion of Honor Museum
The Golden Gate Bridge, as seen from the Legion of Honor Museum
#5 – Ranya and Nobu

5 great activities in San Francisco!!


If you are coming to San Francisco, here are some great things for you to go.

The Best place, you should go to Golden Gate Bridge. This is a symbol of San Francisco. This bridge’s span is 2,737m. I recommend to across by bicycle. You can see a beautiful view. But be careful!! Ordinary, this area is foggy. So you should check weather forecast before you go there.

Secondly, one of popular in San Francisco is Pier39. There have many sea lions and a lot of restaurant. There is so cool and beautiful place. Beside you can see some shows in the center of place. You have to be there, and you can go there by MUNI train F line.

The next place is near Pier39 that is Fisherman’s Wharf. There is a neighborhood and popular tourist attraction. And there has Ghirardelli Square where is a famous chocolate in San Francisco, beside the F market streetcar run through the area. You can go there by MUNI train F line and Cable car. The Cable car is the Powell-Hyde lines that run to Aquactic Park where is in front of Ghirardelli Square. Also you can go there by the other way which is the Powell-Mason line

The Biggest Park is Golden Gate Park. You should go to there. This park is the biggest park of the world! You can get there by muni metro. This park has big forest, so you can find some animals. And it has large lawn areas. So you can eat lunch and take a relax time. Also it has the California Academy of Sciences and De young Museum. So you can discover many

Near Golden Gate Park is Haight-Ashbury where is a famous street in San Francisco. The neighborhood is history of hippie subculture. There have many wall art houses. The house is a colorful and Victoria style. You should visit there because you will be impression about it. You can go there by MUNI No.71

bus ride to Dolby studios


When you come to San Francisco you should visit to every place. Then you will have fun and impression.


#6 – Tariq


i hope u reach here safley and enjoing in SF .
first i will suggest some free plasesto visit and see.
1- first you come here you will take the bart to your hotel .
2-see the downtown and powell st. also the cable car.
3- then you have to see lombard st. famous snake road in my city
5-some beach so cool called ( baker beach it’ near to golden gate bridge
6- islands like sausalito and tiborn
7- alctraz (prison in island ) so famous and alot of popular movie act’s there

8-angel island very natural and quite romabtic at sun set perfect u will enjoying in ferry also in all island’s above
9- and we have the north beach ( fisherman’s wharf
10-in downtown you can visit alot of distruct and neighbor hood
like italian and chines the most popular bulding in sanfrancisco is ferry bulding.
11- if you want small villige with natural i rcommend you by lake taho south of it
12- we also have yosimite natural park so huge .
with best wishes




Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!





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