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I would like to introduce you to ‘’Must see SF!’’ The place that I want to recommend is Twins Peaks! Have you ever been there? If you have not been to there, you must go! It was named twins peaks because there are two hills like a twins.  Each peak has its own name: Eureka Peak(North Peak) and Noe Peak(South Peak). This place is famous for its scenic beauty. You can see golden gate bridge, famous church, beautiful park and the San Francisco Bay many boat are coming and going. I cannot forget the view form there with my friends.  The scene is branded on my memory. So, I really recommend Twins Peaks. You have to climb up hill, it is better to go to there with shoes that are easy to walk in. There are at high altitude, the wind is blowing hard. You should wear warm clothes.  If you go to there, you take the 37 Corbett Muni line and get off Crestline Drive station near a path up the hill. I hope you can have a great time at Twins Peaks!




Juan David:

Why? It’s not about a big city, or the cheapest one, but you know for me is the place to be. Almost everybody where I come from wants to go to other towns and countries, with difficult names, but I don’t. I want to stay here and keep knowing much as possible. This city has so much to give that I don’t have all the space and the time to explain it but I’ll try to share what I think you must see in SF. For me it’s impossible to say which is my favorite thing to do or which was the best because all the days I’m glad to walk these streets even if it’s a steep one or if the hill looks to be too long because they’re clean and safety and drives me home every day safe and sound. But that’s not all, there are so many different ways to move around that you will be amazed, the train which is called the Bart for the acronym: Bay Area Rapid Transit that means that its fast, and you know. I agree. It’s a nice way to get to your destination, but if you don’t want to use it, it’s ok, you  can use any of the MUNI service vehicles like bus, of course they are  hybrid, or  the metro, it’s quiet smaller than the Bart, don’t forget that the cable car are still rolling and working even this days. but if you definitely don’t like any kind of car you always can ride a bike virtually everywhere, obviously taking care with the traffic, there’s a lot of interesting places to go and enjoy the view. like from the beautiful beach in baker beach at the north of the city where you can have a bbq with your friends while you see the ocean surrounding the golden gate bridge, or you can go to the golden gate square park and have a great concert there, imagine sailing on from one the numerous piers and visit any of the amazing towns around the city, or why not? go to Alcatraz. which is part of the history of this city and the country, also is available to visit the house of the Giants of San Francisco, the AT&T park, at the east of the city but the best of this city even these awesome places is of course the people, their quality, their variety and the way they integrate a community which promotes the visitors and the people who arrives here to make themselves bigger.

so, in few words, this is why you must see SF.

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Opening your mind in SF. I have only stayed in San Francisco a week and I can say that this city is almost perfect for me. I’m from Barcelona and I’m sure both are very similar cities. The cosmopolitan atmosphere and the weather are a few good similarities about this cities that open their arms to all foreign citizens too. One example of that is EC San Francisco. This is a really cosmopolitan English school. People from around all entire world come together at EC with one mission: learn English inside a open minded atmosphere. Because everybody who comes here  wants to learn about a lot of cultures, to make new friends, take new taste on food, change its habits and manners. So, I think the most important value of San Francisco is the really good open mind atmosphere. I know that this place of the world give me a big opportunity for learning about organic food, to be conscience about environment moving in the city by bicycle, skate, tram, get in electrical buses, running in beautiful parks like Golden Gate Park, to have a entrepreneurial mind for start new projects and look at one of the most wonders architectural structure: The Golden Gate Bridge. I hope that after spend twelve weeks I can say that San Francisco, although is a expensive and foggy city, have the best atmosphere to open my mind. Didn’t you?

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If you are coming to San Francisco, and you want some activities to do. First, you should go to the famous bridge Golden Gate Bridge, it’s amazing. You can see beautiful view if the weather is not foggy, you can go there by bicycle if you like to ride a bicycle. Second, you should go to Golden Gate Park, it’s Big and great park you will visit to. It has a great Lakes, you can rent a boat in Stow Lake, in the lake you will see many birds, you can have a BBQ with your friends. Third, you should go to Fisherman’s Wharf, there is some restaurant that you can eat sea food if you like. In pier 39 you will see some store they sell many thing like a T-shirt, Cups and other thing for San Francisco. and you will see sea lions. You can take a cable Car to go there.

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My first class in EC language school was very impressive class to me. We went to 16th street by train. And we saw many graphic arts on the wall that were made by various country people. I like Japanese graphic art. But I never saw many many graphic art. I was overpowered. Graphic art is so cool beautiful and amazing to me. And first time I am very nervous. Because I cannot speak listen English. But many gentle classmates came to me. And spoke slowly.  Thank you for my class mates. So you should go to graphic art.

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The best thing about living in San Francisco is you have a lot of activities to do. My favorite place here is Alcatraz, a wonderful place. Alcatraz is an island located in San Francisco Bay Area and was a very important federal prison until 1963. I went there twice and you must do this tour. Why do I really like Alcatraz? Is a perfect and beautiful place to know a little more about the history of San Francisco. Inside the prison you can listen to an audio tour talking about what happened in this place, you also can listen to officers and prisoners who lived in this Island. The audio tour is available in many languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, German, etc. Outside you can see the fantastic view of San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge. But don’t forget your jacket, is always windy a lot there. For more information about Alcatraz or to buy your tickets you can look the official website. www.alcatrazcruises.com

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