A Nightmare in Market Street Classroom


Hi ECSF students and blog readers,

It’s another frightfully fun Halloween at ECSF and the festivities have been in full swing. The school halls are filled with vampires, crazed killers, and even a drag queen or two! After all, this is San Francisco.

The Intermediate level class in Market Street classroom was especially lively today. Students from all over the world came together and shared traditional scary stories from their home countries. This was great as it served as another opportunity for our students to bond, learn about other cultures, and experience Halloween in America at its best.

While students took advantage of the event to gorge themselves on popcorn and candy, they also worked on their language skills by watching a scary movie while carving our class pumpkin for the school’s pumpkin carving contest.

The big event of the day will be the costume contest and pumpkin carving contest at the end of the school day, both of which will include prizes and best of all, bragging rights! Be sure to check back at see which classes and students won.

Teacher Tim






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