How Well Do You Know Your Table Etiquette?



Hi English Students of EC San Francisco and readers,

Our first week back from Thanksgiving vacation is drawing to a close and with it ends the first week of many new classes, including Comparative Cultures. Comparative Cultures is an upper level elective that was on a hiatus but has returned to ECSF. This course gives students the opportunity to learn about American customs and values and compare them to their own cultures. This week the students have been learning about proper table etiquette in America.

As some of you may know, Americans can be very particular about customs. The proper way to act at the dinner table is no exception. This week the students have been working in small groups to teach each other about all the important details, from how to tip to the proper way to make a toast. As smart as everyone in the class is, there is still a lot they have learned. These skills may seem trivial but they will be invaluable in the future when these students find themselves at a business dinner or when they’re meeting their future in-laws.

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