DynED Software Piloting Program at ECSF English School!

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As the year is winding down, EC San Francisco staff and students are gearing up for another great year of learning and engaging lessons. Besides awesome classes, our school has been offering many extracurricular activities such as Guided Study and the Hood Walk. Listening is one of the most difficult challenges for students of all proficiency levels but ECSF students have recently had the opportunity to improve their skills in this area by participating in sessions with DynED.

DynED is an innovative computer software that helps students learn English in engaging and interactive ways. Students can study and improve their listening skills in the privacy of their own home or pretty much anywhere else they want. All you need is a computer.

This is a unique opportunity for English students in San Francisco, as the program is still in development. Students can also offer feedback in order to optimize DynED’s effectiveness for future students. The last few sessions have been offered to Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate students but we intend to continue this partnership and offer it to a variety of levels. Keep your eyes and ears open in class for future announcements regarding great opportunities to learn with DynED.

 Teacher Kristin


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