Students Recommend SF Entertainment!

English Students in the High Intermediate class this week worked on writing recommendations for places to visit and see while in studying English in San Francisco. Take a look at what they had to say! #1 – Henji and Bastien Enjoy your trip, enjoy your meals in San Francisco   One of the most cosmopolitan cities in the United States is certainly San Francisco. She is a beautiful and tasting cocktail of cultures, ethnicities and sceneries. Consequently in the street, in every quarter of this city, Chinese or Mexican, you could find many varieties of restaurants and foods. In San Francisco, at every corner you could have the surprise to discover a new place. You should find many kind and fancy restaurants. We would introduce to you one who has an original concept:  “The Franciscan Crab Restaurant” in Pier 43 1/2. You could taste a very good clam chowder (kind of soup) puts in a piece of bread or buy only a plat of soup with some biscuits. The second one restaurant where you should go is the “Izakaya Ninja. Typical Japanese and Korean restaurant, he has much kind of plats and if you are a novice of this food, the menu is illustrated by a lot of pictures. Just be careful, they like the spicy food so don’t hesitate to ask to the waiter if is it. This place is also very well known by the EC School’s students to organize farewell parties. If you want to eat in some classier places you could also find. We can propose to you the “Cheese Cake Factory”. Situated in the Macy’s in the Union Square, this restaurant has a huge kind of food. The place is very nice and a little advice for you is to go during the evening. You … Read more