Free Hugs while Studying English at EC San Francisco

  One of my best memories while studying English at San Francisco English school was on the 26th of January, I did something memorable in my life in San Francisco. It’s called “Free Hugs“. Three of my friends, Yumiko, Daiki, Susumu and I made some signs that said “free hugs” and took them to at Fisherman’s Wharf, one of the most famous places in S.F. The reason why we decided to do it is because we wanted to prove that hugs are  boarder-less. Japanese are said to be very shy and conservative because of our personalities based on our traditional culture. We usually don’t hug in our usual lives so this action is kind of uncommon for us. Before we (I mean the four of us) came here, we didn’t have the habit of hugging and sometimes felt embarrassed about it. Notwithstanding, through our studying abroad, we realized that hugs can be a part of our lives and makes our lives happier. We really wanted other people to notice the importance of it and this feeling let us carry out this plan. I can tell that this movie will be one of our best memories in our lives and hope it will be a link in some small way to spread the preciousness of hugs among the people who are not accustomed to it. I will be glad if you guys watch it. Thank you for your reading. Misa Please follow this link for our “Free Hug” video.

EC San Francisco Students Learn English and Enjoy Professional Basketball!

Basketball Warriors VS Thunder 15th November 2013: The USA and sports are always associated, and especially NBA basketball and their star athletes. To have our own idea about this topic some students and I bought tickets for an NBA match in order to find out about the famous ambiance during a basketball match. We watched a match between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma Thunder, two really good teams but we were not able to predict the incredible match that these awesome teams would offer us. All of the EC San Francisco English School students took BART to the Coliseum in Oakland. When we arrived the first thing that we noticed was the number of people walking in the direction of the stadium and we could also see that most of them were for the local team, the Warriors. We finally arrived in the stadium we had to find our sits, and then find some foodJ. All of us chose, let me say, the traditional American meals: hamburgers and chicken wings. Once the stadium was full the match began… and we couldn’t believe how exciting the game was! We were not bored for even a second and the last 5 seconds of the game were just magical. The Warriors won as the buzzer rang and gave a taste of a Hollywood movie to this epic end. An incredible experience! More than that during each quarter some activities and shows were organized to keep all spectators excited. Some were really strange like a girl showing how flexible she was, touching her forehead with her buttocks. In conclusion I could only suggest you to try an NBA match, it’s for the moment the best experience I have had in the USA. Simon Jeckelmann, Switzerland

Winter Adventures in Lake Tahoe While Learning English at EC San Francisco

Lake Tahoe  By Student Ambassador Bastien B. The last time I wrote a blog was about my trip with fifteen friends in the Yosemite Park. Today, I am back with a new story in a new place: Lake Tahoe. The largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevadas of the United States, it is located along the border between California and Nevada. Ski resorts, frozen beaches, wonderful bays, clear water, I can tell you many reasons to go there. Again, it was a cosmopolitan weekend: fifteen people, five different nationalities, three cars and one crazy American house. We were in Tahoe City, on the Northwest of the lake. From San Francisco, it took nearly three hours and twenty minutes to drive there. I’m going to explain to you how we had planned our weekend. On Friday after school, we left directly from the city. At this time of the year (17th of January) the darkness came early, so we arrived at our final destination during the night. We took a rest and mainly enjoyed the Jacuzzi on the roof. Warm water at two in the morning, an almost full moon and somewhere in the forest, it was almost idyllic. On Sunday, our plan was to ski and see this thing white and which could eat, the snow. Effectively, we were with some people who had never seen it. Try to imagine the stars in their eyes when they saw it for the first time. From the beginners to the almost professional skiers, everyone fell down at least one time. And of course, I was here with my GoPro (camera) to record all of that. The weather was perfect, wonderful blue skies and it wasn’t cold. So we could have skied or snowboarded, for the most courageous of us, without gloves or … Read more