Ball Game, Go Warriors!

Whether you are a fan or not of this sport, if you are coming to San Francisco and it is Basketball season, going to watch the Golden State Warriors play…my bad…WIN! It’s a must do that you need to have on your San Francisco’s Bucket List! Believe me when I tell you that watching an NBA basketball game is one of the most exciting things to do in the United States. The ambiance generated in the arena is amazing, you’ll see all kinds of people! The crazy fanatic who has owned a season pass since 1970, the cool guy who wears a specific outfit and dances like no one’s watching just so the Dance Cam catches his attention, from the baby kid of the house to the grandpa! One of the cool things was that neither me nor the other 16 students who went to the game had ever seen a live NBA game! So we were like little children going to Disneyland! The game was amazing, seeing those tall guys doin’ some dunks was incredible, no one could believe how high they could jump! Also the shows in the middle of the games or between the quarters were really cool! And best of all…seeing the Golden State Warriors beat the Bucks! It was a really close game! One of the things we noticed is that basketball is a really fast and dynamic game! So, it was over before we could realize it! Tips and recommendations: The earlier you buy the tickets the cheaper they will be! And almost every seat in the stadium offers you a very good view of the game! So don’t be afraid of buying some last row tickets, you will save some bucks and still watch the game from a nice spot! The Bart will … Read more

Free Photography Class!

There is a Wonderful activity with teacher Drew it is a Photography class!  We do this activity on Mondays and we visit a lot of nice places in San Francisco. We meet a lot of people,and we even practice English in this activity. It’s so good because you talk with people , ask them about places or  if you can take their photo! Before we go to the activity we take a free class about how we can use the camera and how you can take better photo in different places with different lighting, exposures, and settings on the camera. It’s amazing how much you can learn from this! Try and see. It’s free! Faisal Aloufi   === EC offers various courses, including one to one English lessons in San Francisco!

EC CARES! Volunteering at Ocean Beach Cleanup

Last Saturday morning 8.30 am, time to wake up! We planned to take part in a beach clean up on Ocean beach with some students from EC. The Cleanup was organized by the Japan Society of Northern California to honor the three year anniversary of the Tohoku tsunami. The meeting time was at 9.15, I get there but nobody’s there, where did they all go? I swear and search for them. I finally find everybody. I guess my explanations to get to the meeting point weren’t as clear as I thought, anyway we finally take the Muni all together. Direction: Ocean Beach! We arrive at 10 am, just on time, but now we have to find the organisation that is leading the project. We don’t find them, I swear again ( I should stop doing that!). After a long and pleasant walk on the beach (the weather is indeed perfect to have a walk on the beach: sunny and just enough wind to not be too warm or cold) we find the organization we were looking for.We are given a bucket and gloves. We are now ready to pick up the trash from the beach. After two hours of hard work under the sun we are proud of what we did. We get four big buckets full of rubbish and a few sunburns. Congratulations to the students who came and thank you! See you for the next volunteer activity. -Coline === Among various courses, EC San Francisco offers private lessons in English!

Peace out, Misa!

  It was another incredible week at EC San Francisco and we had to say goodbye to many wonderful, long time, and not so long time students. While there are too many to name in this blog, I will make a very special shout out to Misa, a great member of our school who has become an integral part of our school’s identity. Misa has been at our school for almost a year now and has filled a variety of roles including those of a student, student ambassador, and a volunteer working our administrative desk at the front of the school. While she was a great student, she especially excelled as a student ambassador and helped to foster a sense of family and camaraderie among the students in ways that were truly special. Unsurprisingly, Misa set a new standard for excellence when she became a volunteer and managed the front desk with another EC San Francisco all-star, Kanami. Misa and Kanami have been on the frontlines of our school and provided an immeasurable amount of support to students and staff alike. Misa, it is with great sadness and optimism that all of us at EC San Francisco bid you farewell and much success in your next adventure. You will always have a home and family in your City by the Bay. Peace out, Misa! Your EC San Francisco family

Get Out…and See San Francisco

Hi readers and EC San Francisco students, I wanted to take the opportunity to give you all a great suggestion for your next outing in San Francisco. Many of our students have thoroughly explored the City as well as California and have some great ideas for all you newcomers. This week’s entry comes from Bill, one of our great students from Taiwan. Bill is a very energetic and hard working student who likes to spend time near the Embarcadero and Fisherman’s Wharf. Bill suggests taking the F-Line streetcar and stopping at Boudin Bakery for a clam chowder bread bowl. While you’re there, be sure to check out one of San Francisco’s most famous and iconic sights, the sea lions of Pier 39. Teacher Tim