Ball Game, Go Warriors!

Whether you are a fan or not of this sport, if you are coming to San Francisco and it is Basketball season, going to watch the Golden State Warriors play…my bad…WIN! It’s a must do that you need to have on your San Francisco’s Bucket List!

Believe me when I tell you that watching an NBA basketball game is one of the most exciting things to do in the United States. The ambiance generated in the arena is amazing, you’ll see all kinds of people! The crazy fanatic who has owned a season pass since 1970, the cool guy who wears a specific outfit and dances like no one’s watching just so the Dance Cam catches his attention, from the baby kid of the house to the grandpa!

One of the cool things was that neither me nor the other 16 students who went to the game had ever seen a live NBA game! So we were like little children going to Disneyland!
The game was amazing, seeing those tall guys doin’ some dunks was incredible, no one could believe how high they could jump! Also the shows in the middle of the games or between the quarters were really cool! And best of all…seeing the Golden State Warriors beat the Bucks! It was a really close game!
One of the things we noticed is that basketball is a really fast and dynamic game! So, it was over before we could realize it!

Tips and recommendations:

  • The earlier you buy the tickets the cheaper they will be! And almost every seat in the stadium offers you a very good view of the game! So don’t be afraid of buying some last row tickets, you will save some bucks and still watch the game from a nice spot!
  • The Bart will usually be crowded, it also takes around 30 minutes to get to the arena and the way to get into the stadium will also take you some time! So i will recommend you to take the bart at least one hour before the game!
  • Don’t take a backpack with you! You won’t be able to get into the arena with it! If you don’t have a choice it’s ok, you can leave it in a safe place where they’ll give you a number and you can take it back when you leave! But you could save some time avoiding this process, and it will also be full of people on the way out! So you better think about it!
  • Eat before the game! The food inside the stadium is really expensive, so you can save some money by having lunch before going to the game!
  • Don’t be afraid of screaming and singing the songs during the game! Join and follow the crowd! You will enjoy it way more and you’ll feel happy afterwards!
  • Leave before the last Quarter ends! Think about it, 85% of the people that are inside the stadium will take the bart on the way back home, do you really want to wait that much on the bart station and even get on an overcrowded train? I don’t think so! So be clever and leave the game before it finishes, 3 minutes before was enough for us! You can thank me later for this!

I would also like to thanks the students who came to the game! I know we had an awesome time and I hope we do it again!
Hugs guys! See ya ’til the next post!
Peace out!
Att: The most awesome ambassador of all times…Daniel






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