Urban Hike: Bernal Hill, San Francisco

Last Wednesday, an adventurous group of students went to Bernal Hill for a new activity called urban hiking. We left EC school at 2:15 pm, then we took BART to 24th and Mission street and started walking towards our destination. We went up the giant hill! It was difficult, but it was really worth it. After hiking, we arrived at the top of the hill and we enjoyed the wonderful views of San Francisco. From there, you can see the whole city, including the two bridges: Golden Gate and Bay Bridge. Unfortunately, we were not able to see The Golden Gate bridge because of the fog. It was a fantastic experience, and a great way to get some exercise and see the city! Some of us will repeat the adventure before we go back to our countries possibly at night time to see all the city lights! – Maria   === EC offers various English Courses, including TOEFL tests in San Francisco

EC Cares! Greening up Golden Gate Park

Saturday, March 22nd, EC students went to the Golden Gate Park, guided by two student ambassadors (Faisel and myself), to help build a garden with the program “I Serve the Planet” organized by the SCA (student conservation association). I had a problem on my way because I live in Pacifica and it’s to far from the school, so I asked Faisel to take the students and I would meet them there. I’m glad that I did that because I found a lost student, Watari, on my way to the park. Because the park was so big, Watari and I helped each other and asked people in the streets for directions. Meanwhile Faisel helped us on the phone so we could get to the right place. It took a while,but finally we were all together at the same place! Soon the volunteer work began. We made sure that EC would stay in the same group. Because we were a big group, we were split up into three separate groups. Two groups were suppose to do more physical work, and one should do more delicate work. The girls went to dig some plants out of the ground, but they had to be really careful when doing this (I’m not sure of all the details, because I wasn’t there…) but the boys were in two different groups. One was to take the hay and put into the truck (my group) and the other to take the hay out of the truck in a different place in the park (Faisel’s group). It’s not as easy as it sounds! You have to use a lot of strength shoveling the hay, and was a LOT of hay (I didn’t go to the gym after that for two days because I was sore!). Anyway, because it was … Read more