Orachoon’s Testimonial: “I loved the activities at the school”

Orachoon from Thailand recently completed her studies at EC San Francisco. She studied here for almost twenty weeks! While she was here she took Semi-Intensive courses and her English improved greatly during her time studying at EC SF. She also made many friends during her time here, and we are very sorry to see her leave! But before she left we talked to her about her experience at EC SF and what she thought about taking English courses in San Francisco. When describing her favorite things about EC SF, Orachoon said that she “loved the activities of the school,” which were “very fun” because she could “join in on them with her friends.” She also described how student activities provided the opportunity to “meet everybody in the school.” She said that her favorite thing about San Francisco were the people, and how friendly everybody was. She also talked about how she was struck by all the different types of people who live in this city, and was very impressed with how people in the city respected everyone else. Orachoon first found out about EC SF on the internet while she was researching possible English language schools, and decided to attend because there weren’t many students from her home country which would allow her to have new and difference experiences, and also that after seeing pictures online of the school she thought it looked like a good fit for her. When asked what she would recommend to to a new student at EC San Francisco, Orachoon said that students should get out and discover things that are “good and exciting,” as well as study hard in your courses. Best of luck to you in the future, Orachoon, and continue practicing all of the English that you learned!

EC San Francisco Welcomes Agents from All Over the World!

Today EC San Francisco welcomed a group of agents from World Study, an agency based out of Brazil. For several hours they had the chance to visit EC’s English language center in San Francisco, and see what the EC experience is all about! Upon visiting the school in downtown San Francisco, right in the heart of the city’s Financial District, the agents were given a presentation about various aspects of the school, and ask specific questions about the student experience at EC SF. The various English courses offered at EC SF and programs were discussed, as well as accommodation options such as student residences and homestays. After the presentation the agents hopped onto the BART –just like a student would! –and visited The Monastery, EC San Francisco’s student residence located in the city’s popular Mission District. They were able to see the rooms types that are available to students as well as the common areas that students at The Monastery are able to enjoy when staying there. And before they left they had to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spectacular views for a photo op on The Monastery’s amazing rooftop patio! Before they left the agents were each given a copy of the book San Francisco Then and Now to remember their visit to the city, as well as to emphasize how EC San Francisco is interested in finding ways for students to experience the San Francisco, such as on the popular student activity The ‘Hood Walks with Gifford. The ‘Hood Walk is a walking tour led by an EC SF teacher which explores the city’s rich history by visiting the city’s many historical sites and landmarks in various neighborhoods throughout the city. As well as World Study, Stan from the Taiwanese agency Study DIY was also able to stop for a visit and joined the presentation as well as the tour … Read more

EC San Francisco Celebrates Halloween!

Halloween is now just several days away, and EC San Francisco is getting ready for Friday’s activities by decorating the front desk area! A number of Halloween-themed activities are planned throughout the week, including a ghost walk of San Francisco City Hall, a Halloween outdoor movie screening, as well as a costume contest at graduation on Friday. Get involved and enjoy the festivities!

Andrea’s Testimonial: “Speak English with everybody, all the time!”

Andrea is an Italian student who recently took English courses at EC San Francisco. Though he was only able to take classes for a week, he made the most of his time at EC SF, participating in the Business for English group and attending several student activities. We wish he had more time to spend with us before he had to return back home! Before he left, however, we asked him to share a few thoughts about the time he spent at EC SF and the advantages of taking English courses in San Francisco. When asked about what his favorite thing was about EC San Francisco, he said that “it’s a very fun community.” He decided to attend EC SF because he found out about the school on the internet and decided that he “would like to improve my English level.” And so even though he only had a short amount of take classes, he decided to do it anyway. Andrea said that his favorite memory of San Francisco was the opportunity he had to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. And what advice would he give to a student who has decided to take English courses in San Francisco and attend EC San Francisco? “Speak English with everybody” he said, “all the time!” It was so nice getting a chance to meet you Andrea, and best of luck with your future studies and entrepreneurial endeavors!

Sylvia and Helena Show Why Everyone Should Study English in the USA!

Recently EC San Francisco said goodbye to two special students, Sylvia from Canada and Helena from Brazil. When most people think of an international student they probably picture a university or maybe a high school-age student. But Sylvia and Helena show that anyone can be a student, and that learning is a lifelong endeavor. Everybody, no matter what their reasons for doing so, should take the opportunity to study English in the USA! Everybody enjoyed having Sylvia and Helena attending classes at EC San Francisco, appreciating their warm personalities, bright smiles, positive attitudes, the friendly presence. Sylvia lives in French Canada and recently decided that she wanted to learn English as well. She spent two weeks at EC San Francisco and transferred to EC Los Angeles, and she is considering attending several other schools as well (she said she wishes there was an EC school in Hawaii!). She is certainly making the most of her time spent travelling. Before she left us, however, we asked her to share a few thoughts on her time at EC San Francisco. When asked why she decided to come to EC San Francisco she said that she liked that there are many EC schools all over the world to study at, and all of the positive commentaries that she found on the internet helped her decide that EC schools were the best choice for her. What she liked most about EC SF was all of the interesting people that she was about to meet from around the world, and when asked about her favorite memory of San Francisco, she talked about her experience staying with her host family, and all of the memories she was able to make getting to know them. Likewise, her host family talked about how much they enjoyed getting to know Sylvia and appreciated her company. Would she recommend EC San Francisco? “Yes!” … Read more

EC SF Students Bike Across the Golden Gate Bridge

As every student studying at EC SF knows, learning English is much more than just taking an English course in San Francisco! To become truly comfortable speaking and communicating in English, it requires getting out into the real world, talking with other people, and interacting in environments where English is spoken. For this reason, participating in student activities at EC San Francisco is a great way to keep working on English outside of the classroom! Every week the school coordinates a series of activities led by student ambassadors or teachers to get everyone involved in the learning experience outside of the classroom. This last weekend EC SF teacher Drew took twelve students for a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. Biking across bridge allowed for many great photo opportunities, as well as the chance to see the world famous landmark from a different perspective. After the bike ride everybody stopped and had lunch near Sausalito, the small bayside town that faces San Francisco, and then rode the Golden Gate Ferry back to San Francisco. As the pictures show, the weather was nice and everybody had a great time. Make the effort to participate in student activities–it’s not only a great way to make memories, but a chance to keep practicing your English as well!

Discover San Francisco on the ‘Hood Walk with Gifford!

Every week EC San Francisco students get the opportunity to take their English practice out of the classroom and into the streets of beautiful San Francisco by going on the ‘Hood Walk, a student activity led by teacher Gifford. Gifford and the students walk around a different neighborhood each week to visit notable landmarks, sites of historical interest, as well as places that students might want to return to and enjoy on their own time! Last week Gifford and the students explored the Mission District. The Mission is San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood, but in recent years has become one of the trendiest spots in the city. Within the last few years new restaurants, bars, shops, and galleries have opened up, making it a popular place to hang out. Traditionally home to San Francisco’s large Latino community, The Mission is known for its many delicious Latin food restaurants (enjoy Mexican, Nicaraguan, Salvadorenian, Guatemalan, Chilean, and many other national cuisines–even gluten-free Latin-inspired food!), music venues, theaters and performance spaces, as well as iconic historical landmarks such Mission Dolores and Dolores Park. The Mission is well known for its art scene, and there are many murals to be found throughout the neighborhood. A walking tour is the perfect way to view the neighborhood’s vibrant street art, and students on last week’s walk got to see the famous murals on the Women’s Building on 18th Street: The ‘Hood Walk with Gifford takes place every week on Wednesdays–make sure to sign up at the Front Desk, and start discovering San Francisco! [Thank you to Student Ambassador Genie for all of the great photos.] … Find out more about EC San Francisco and how to take English courses in the USA!

Andre’s Testimonial: “The staff are all very kind”

Andre from Brazil recently completed taking General English courses for four weeks at EC San Francisco. He is studying architecture back home and decided to study English during his time off. Before he left, we asked him to share a few thoughts about his time at EC SF and how to make the most of one’s time studying at an English school in San Francisco. He said that he first found out about EC San Francisco after finding it on the Study in the USA website, and decided that it was the best fit for his study goals. When asked about his favorite thing about EC San Francisco, he talked about the “good location” of the school, and how the “staff are all very kind.” What was your favorite memory of San Francisco? Andre said that his favorite memory about San Francisco was just after he first arrived at the airport and realized that he could go anywhere he wanted by public transportation! According to the American Public Transportation Association, the San Francisco Bay Area does indeed have the largest and most extensive public transportation on the West Coast of the United States, with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system the ninth largest rapid transit system in North America. This makes things very convenient for students studying at EC San Francisco, and the opportunity to visit many places during their time staying here. What advice would you give to a new student learning English at EC SF? “Don’t stay home!” he said. “Go to the museums, to the bars, go to the movies–whatever!–just get out of your room!” It sounds like Andre was able to take full advantage of his time staying in San Francisco and studying at EC SF. Best of luck to you in your continued studies, and keep working on your … Read more

Congratulations to Team Peanut Butter Jelly Belly!

September was Wellness Month at EC Schools, and so  teachers, staff members, and students from the EC language schools around the world participated in the Taking Steps Towards Wellness Step Challenge to promote good health and the benefits of exercise. EC San Francisco had five teams of four people each who participated, and each week one person from each team wore a pedometer to measure how many steps they took throughout the week. The Peanut Butter Jelly Belly Team (named after the famous YouTube video), which included Heather (teacher), Florent (Residence Coordinator), and students Boon and Ark was the team with the most steps, with over 360,000 steps total. EC SF student Maria Victoria of the Earthquakes team was the individual with the most steps, with a total of 115,669 steps taken during the week! At the end of the contest, all participants received $5 coffee gift cards for a job well done. As well as the friendly competition at school, there was also a contest between all of the EC schools in three categories. A team from EC Vancouver won for the highest group total, Victoria from EC Central was the individual with the most steps taken, and our own Team Peanut Butter Jelly Belly won the most fun category, for the best and most creative photo, for the photo seen above. Here was the “official” announcement: The Taking Steps Challenge is just one of many interesting and enjoyable activities that can be experienced at EC language schools. Studying English shouldn’t just be educational, but a lot of fun!

The San Francisco Insider – Drew’s Tips: What to do on your Three Day Weekend!

Ready for a break after your week of studying hard for your English courses? The San Francisco Insider is a regular contribution from EC San Francisco teacher Drew Rogers, who knows how to make the most of anybody’s stay in the San Francisco Bay Area! … Ok , so you have a three day holiday in SF this Monday and don’t know what to do?? Actually, rethink that—the hard part is limiting your options! Soooo much you can do-but as the ferries will end services after October 26th (to the islands) then take advantage of the smaller crowds and nice weather now. Just remember, banks are closed and just about everything else is open for Columbus Day despite the fact that he never came to our shores! Don’t want to go far? Check out the long list of things to do in SF, or take BART to Jack London Square in the East Bay for a variety of activities from free coffee tour guides to Oakland’s Jack of All Trades Market (by the same people who produce the Treasure Island Flea) features a curated mix of nearly 100 local makers, indie designers, antiquers, collectors, artists, start-ups and more. In addition to shopping for one-of-a-kind items, there are food and craft beers. Always make sure to check out the FUNCHEAPSF website for lists of fun and free events. You can search by days or by the weekend. If you want to venture to the islands or coves nearby, a special treat… A DIFFERENT VERSION OF ALCATRAZ: Indigenous natives’ SUNRISE CEREMONY !!! MONDAY ONLY for $11. Get tickets ASAP and get ready for a very unique American Indian experience unlike any in the USA (schedule of ferries—remember to always look at the HOLIDAY/Weekend schedule-Monday being a holiday!). This is a one day event. Boats will depart Pier 33 at approximately 5:15am, 5:30am, 5:45am, and 6:00am. The Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering is a … Read more