Meet Craig Carey, New Resident Coordinator

My name is Craig Carey, I am from New Zealand but have been living in San Francisco since 2013. I hold bachelor degrees in English and Philosophy, as well as a certificate in TESOL tutoring. In the past I have worked with a range of organizations in the education sector including professional bodies, students associations and nonprofits. I have travelled to 11 countries, including as an exchange student to Japan. In my free time I like to spend time outdoors hiking, exploring the bay area or relaxing in the park or at the beach. In the evenings I like to see films and live music. I also like to take part in local community events and organizations. I started work at EC San Francisco at the beginning of February and have spent the month settling into my new role. The best thing about EC is that everybody who works and studies here is part of a global community. I love working with students and seeing them progress and gain more confidence in their English. I also enjoy working with likeminded host families who enjoy sharing their cultures and learning from their students. My advice to students is to make the most of the time you have in San Francisco. See the city, explore and talk to locals. There are many amazing things to experience. My favorite thing about San Francisco is the network of parks. Look on a map and see how there are small parks everywhere at the top of hills and in hidden corners of neighborhoods. They often have the best views and unexpected surprises. ​  

Studying English while Exploring the City

  Researching skills are important for English study. Field trips enhance language learning. Presentations help to develop our speaking skills.  The combination of these activities are beneficial in the ESL/EFL learning environment. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? In your journal entry, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of in-class research, field trips and presentations.   I agree with this statement because the student could improve their English by practicing. The advantages are using the skills like reading, speaking and understanding the English language in real life. For this project, we needed to research websites for more information about this place, like the history. We needed reading and searching for vocabulary to understand the meaning. Second, going outside the classroom during school is good. We can exchange with other students and learn how to go somewhere. We are going to speak more at that class. Presentations are good because you need to write and speak in English. You prepare what you have to say. Everybody must understand what you want to say. It’s a challenge. –written by Sabrina Richards, who is studying General English at EC San Francisco 

Researching the Tourist Spots in San Francisco

  San Francisco famously boasts some of the most famous streets in the country. Lombard Street is one of the most unique of the vertically endowed road and it is a great stop to add to any itinerary. Lombard Street is called “the crookedest street in the world.” So many people who have confidence of their driving skill can try to drive there. I suggest the slogan of this street, “You are a challenger! Can you conquer this street?” The target audience is anyone who has a drivers license. This slogan has the following meanings: this street is so crooked and steep. I felt that it was like an angry bull. Making a goal to conquer this street shows that you can catch an angry bull. This advertisement will be attractive for drivers. Then many people will come there. Finally, if you have good driving skills, you should drive there. They’re waiting for your challenge! –written by Masashi Yamamoto, who is studying English in San Francisco 

San Francisco, the Pearl of the Coast

This message says exactly what the city is: in the middle of the Pacific Coast, we can see a beautiful city that has a very interesting history and a rich culture. We chose the images that spoke to us, because everyone here has different memories and stories about this city. However, when we went to Coit Tower and saw all the city, we could remember so many good moments that we have lived here, and a lot of friends that we made in those days. I think that with these images, we can show an amazing San Francisco. So we are showing a beautiful place and talking with emotion and with it we can have an effective advertisement. Written by Vanessa Sebaldo Vieiro, who is studying English in San Francisco. 

What is the best way to learn English?

  Nowadays, scientists and other professionals discuss much about the better way to learn English as a new or current language. Studies have shown that the old school way, teacher in front of the class just speaking for hours, is exhausting and inefficient for both the teacher and students. According to this, new teaching methods were developed to turn the classes more efficient and dynamic, such as the use of lessons that improve the researching skills, presentations to work the speaking abilities and the field trips to open the students’ mind. In my opinion, the new methods work pretty well because they combine different skills to make the class more efficient. –Luiz Paulo Dias, Studying General English   

Majed’s Testimonial: Experiences Studying English

USA adds value to my life. I decided to go to San Francisco to study English one year ago. San Francisco is one of the best places that I have seen in my life. I am glad that I study at EC. EC provides a great environment for international students to learn English. My English has improved since I start studying general English in San Francisco. Also, I have the chance to meet people and practice English with them. SF helps me make new friends. I have been hanging out with my friends and practicing English. In fact, there are many positive changes happening with me. Learning English allows me to learn and use many educational resources in English. To sum up, studying English is very important. English is considered the global language and I highly recommend people to study English at EC. –Majed

Student Testimonial–Ghanen Alyousef

  I will miss EC San Francisco and the city. I will miss friendly people here and all my friends. It was a new experience for me to live far away from my parents and family, but I felt good here. When I visited other cities like LA, Chicago, Nebraska, Las Vegas, and so on, it was nice. I will miss everything. Good luck to all the students, teachers and staff.

Student Testimonial–Saif Alsaab

  The teachers and staff of EC San Francisco English school were very good and they helped me do something for my life. I want to thank them for everything. I will miss my friends and the city of San Francisco.

A Day at the Ballpark

  EC San Francisco is only 1.8 miles away from the beautiful AT&T Park stadium, which sits by the sea. This proximity provides an excellent opportunity to visit the home of the San Francisco Giants, the World Series champions of 2014. Going to a ballgame is one of the quintessential American pastimes that gives students a wonderful glimpse into American culture while studying English in San Francisco. On Saturday, Giants fans had a special opportunity that doesn’t happen very often. Fans were invited onto the main field and allowed to explore what the players experience during games. EC students joined this event, guided by teacher Drew, and joined fans on the main field in this open park day. When baseball season starts up again, you can be sure EC San Francisco will provide several opportunities to cheer on the Giants. During the playoff season, EC teachers often spend a little time in class explaining the rules of baseball, baseball terms in English, and baseball-related idioms and slang. Studying English in San Francisco is certainly exciting during the baseball season.