What is the best way to learn English?

  Nowadays, scientists and other professionals discuss much about the better way to learn English as a new or current language. Studies have shown that the old school way, teacher in front of the class just speaking for hours, is exhausting and inefficient for both the teacher and students. Acc … Read more

Student Testimonial–Ghanen Alyousef

  I will miss EC San Francisco and the city. I will miss friendly people here and all my friends. It was a new experience for me to live far away from my parents and family, but I felt good here. When I visited other cities like LA, Chicago, Nebraska, Las Vegas, and so on, it was nice. I will m … Read more

Student Testimonial–Saif Alsaab

  The teachers and staff of EC San Francisco English school were very good and they helped me do something for my life. I want to thank them for everything. I will miss my friends and the city of San Francisco.