Van Nguyen from Vietnam: “I’ll miss my classmates and my teacher who teaches a lot of things. “

ec students study English in San Francisco

Why did you choose to learn English at EC San Francisco?

Because EC San Francisco has a high education system and facility for studying English. Certifications are accepted at several other schools in the U.S. Also, the counseling center helped me with everything that I didn’t understand.

What was your favorite thing about EC San Francisco?

My favorite thing about EC San Francisco was the textbook of the course, a good condition for studying such as rooms and projectors…Especially, the staff and teachers are friendly and whole-hearted.

What is your favorite memory of San Francisco?

I’ll miss my classmates and my teacher who teachers a lot of things. I have an experience in getting on trains, Golden Gate Bridge, and eating ice cream beside the beach.

What advice would you give to a new student learning English at EC SF? 

You should study hard and visit many places in San Francisco.


Van Nguyen studied General English in San Francisco.