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Student Testimonial: Waleed from Saudi Arabia

Why did you choose to study at EC San Francisco? Choosing San Francisco was not optional. It was chosen by my country. What was your favorite thing about EC San Francisco? My favorite thing about EC San Francisco is that it is a very friendly city. What is your favorite memory of San Francisco? My f … Read more

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Meet Abdullah, EC’s new intern

Could you tell us about yourself? My name is Abdullah Halawani, and I am from Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I have been in SF for about a year and three months, and I will be staying in SF until I finish my program in the University of San Francisco.  What was your experience like when you were a student her … Read more

EC Earth Week

EC San Francisco Walks the Walk

San Francisco is a city known for its organic food fare, liberal politics and progressive policies in place for sustainability and environmental conservation.  This week ECSF students showed their earth friendly pride by living and breathing a week’s worth of Earth Day activities.  Some of these inc … Read more

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Drew’s Bike Ride

We got mostly new bikes this time and with little wind and traffic, it was a warm day on the bikes with getting a tan a new perk for the journey! This time the warming hit, the cafe on Crissy field, was open after renovations, and we got a coffee to power ourselves up the small hill to the GG bridge … Read more

Studying ESL in San Francisco

Public Transport: Studying ESL in San Francisco

  Bart and Muni You can buy a Clippercard and you can go to many places by Bart and Muni. The first one is faster than the second one because it doesn’t have traffic. It is like a subway. Also, you can buy a paper map or book for the schedule of Muni on Google map. The BART runs from 5:00 … Read more

ESL Digital Storytelling

ESL Storyboard Activities for Writing: Omar’s Story

Everyone in the park stopped their activities and stared into the sky. Something unusual was happening. Not long after, the people started running because there were some spacecrafts flying in the clear sky. Suddenly a man appeared with glasses and a hat. He looked like a hero and even the citizens … Read more