Student Ambassador, Rahel, shares ECSF life

Rahel studied English and FCE courses at EC San Francisco

Learning ESL in San Francisco – One of the most interesting cities in the world. I have done a lot of activities since I arrived here. The most impressive thing for me is the diversity of cultures. There are so many different districts, you can experience all the traditional food and live the several lifestyles.

Besides, the people here are very important for me. When you are abroad without any family members or friends you get fast very close to each other. I will always remember the friends I met here because we experienced so many special things together. I am very thankful for this time and I am happy that I can live this dream. Everyone who has this chance should take it and enjoy every moment. One last thing which I like the most is to go in a park, chat with friends and enjoy the sun. In this moments I realise how great the life can be.