Faris from Saudi Arabia

I have been learning English at EC San Francisco for eleven months and now I’m graduating. It has been a good experience for my life, I met lots of people from all over the world, we spend great moments between studying, laughing, partying and crying, I enjoyed every moment I had at EC San Francisco specially the activities which organized by Jessica and her amazing team the students ambassadors. As a student ambassador I was enjoying all the activities with all students specially when we all from different countries which we all speak different languages so when we go out together for activity and exploring the incredible San Francisco we speak one language only, it’s English, also it help us to practice our language, the fun thing is we correct each other which you will learn to not do the mistake again. I would really love to stay more but this is life you have to move on. I would really want to say thanks for my teacher and leader Jessica for her patients with all the students ambassadors also for the incredible teachers Waseem, Gregory, Liana, Terry and Gefford. Also Thank you for the amazing staff that I worked with Lina, Amanda, Kisar and Greg, it had been pleasure known you and I will miss you all. It is a great experience to study in the USA to learn English. 

Best regards,
Faris liked to study in the USA