Ariane from France: “EC San Francisco is an amazing school”

French student Ariane recounts her experience while Studying English at EC San Francisco


Recently, some of the students who were part of a special group that was here from Strasbourg, France took the time to share some thoughts on their experience.  They were required to go abroad as part of their business program at the EM Strasbourg Business School and in this case, this requirement brought them here for English Courses in San Francisco.  Here is what Ariane had to say:

“This ten-week trip in San Francisco has been an enriching experience I think. I have never been abroad for so long before this trip. When I think about San Francisco, I remember tons of wonderful memories.  EC San Francisco is an amazing school where all the personnel is attentive.  I also think that the teachers are very competent.  They know how to make their courses interesting. In addition, the international students are open-minded and mostly outgoing.  We had the chance to discuss with businessmen, with native students, to visit outstanding places. I can’t wait to see the Facebook establishment this afternoon! We visited many places by ourselves. I have been amazed every day. I had the opportunity to go to other cities like Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.  During this expatriation, I fulfilled many of my dreams and I feel pleased about that. Now I understand why California has this exceptional reputation; people are tolerant and the atmosphere is cool. The only bad thing was the fact that we could not go into bars, that we can’t do anything under 21. Apart from this, our residence-  the Monroe- was not that good but it is okay when you are with your friends.  We go back to France in two days, and sincerely I don’t want to. If I could, I would stay much longer.
To my mind, your courses were the most interesting with Andy. He imposes great topics of conversation and fun activities (we loved the blind experience on Market St.).  In only two weeks I learned a lot of vocabulary and idioms. The little presentations are also cool ideas with which we can debate. Thank you very much for these classes.  I am sorry I can’t give any recommendations because I don’t see how your courses could be better.  We all wish you a good continuation, we feel grateful.”