Claire from France: “Teachers at EC are the best”

Claire Gallion from Strasbourg talks about Learning English at EC San Francisco


Recently, some of the students who were part of a special group that was here from Strasbourg, France took the time to share some thoughts on their experience.  They were required to go abroad as part of their business program at the EM Strasbourg Business School and in this case, this requirement brought them here for English Courses in San Francisco. Here is what Claire had to say:

“First of all, I had an amazing time here in San Francisco and also at EC. During our 10 week stay I learned and discovered a lot. I achieved my goal by improving myself in English and discovering a new culture. People here are open-minded and willing to help you. Thanks to the time we spent here I hope and I think I learned how to be more open-minded myself.  I also learned how to be myself and to enjoy life. Teachers at EC are the best and very different from French teachers. The way they taught us was amazing because we learned how to speak, read and think in English in an interesting way. Your classes were particularly interesting and enriching.”