Teacher Karl on Cambridge English Courses in San Francisco

Teacher Karl on Teaching Cambridge Classes at EC San Francisco

It is known that EC is the place for taking Cambridge English Courses in San Francisco.  Teacher Karl absolutely agrees!  Take a look at what he has to say about teaching Cambridge Courses:

“Like all standardized tests, the Cambridge exams lurk in the background at EC. Most students are not aware of them.  However, for those students who feel passing one of these tests is an important milestone, our test prep may be seen as the most important formal language learning of their lives.  It is therefore crucial that we get it right, and that we help students become aware of what the test measures, how it measures it, and the best strategies to succeed.  (And as a side note, our pass rate at EC San Francisco is very impressive.)
When I first saw examples of some of the Cambridge exam tasks, I was really confused.  Why was I being asked to do this odd thing?  How did it connect to any reasonable method of measuring my English ability?  However, I had to assume that Cambridge University was not controlled by madmen, so I set out to try to find connections between the test tasks and real language use.  And they exist, big time.  The methods of assessment take a bit of getting used to, but what they are measuring is a totally valid analysis of a student’s ability to use English in ways similar to those of their first language.  I find that most students flounder in the first few weeks as they try to make sense of the connections.  However, once that happens, amazing progress can happen, not only in the test prep, but in English proficiency overall.  The Cambridge exams are by no means the perfect fit for every student, but it is well worth taking a look at the test (online examples abound), and at what EC San Francisco has to offer.”