Ludovic from France: “keep your attendance up!”

Ludovic Rivoire from France talks about coming back to EC San Francisco


Ludovic is a student from France that had previously studied here at EC San Francisco and lived at the Monastery Residence.  Ludo initially thought to take Intensive English Courses in San Francisco  but then decided to enjoy some free time so he did a general program.  Here are some comments Ludovic had on coming back to San Francisco:


It has been very good coming back to EC and to San Francisco.  I have had a really good time.  I could improve my English and I went up one level since my first time at EC.  I also finally got my certificate.  Keep your attendance up so you can also graduate and get your certificate.  It was interesting to see the different things and the things that changed.  I liked seeing old teachers from before and also seeing new faces.  In the future, If I am able to, it is for sure that I will come back to EC San Francisco.