Decorate Cakes

The Special Activity in The Class “Decorate Cakes”

  The morning classes are normally inside the classroom, but our teachers sometimes take students to explore the city or invite locals to do various activities together. The teacher, Gregory, invited a chef named Alan, who works for the Mission Beach Café, to the class. The students were taught how to decorate cakes and then did it by themselves. Chef Alan brought different kinds of fillings and decorations for the cakes, and all of the students tasted all of the fillings and decided which filling was their favorite one.     Next, the students were divided into six teams to compete against each other. All of the cakes that the students made looked amazing and like each personality; it was so hard to judge which cake was the best. The day of the activity was Friday, so we shared the cakes during the graduation ceremony with all our students.     In conclusion, our English classes in San Francisco are very unique because all of our teachers offer students practical ways to use English in the classroom. One of the examples is the above activity. If you are interested in studying English in San Francisco, we offer many courses including Business English Courses in San Francisco! Check out our courses in San Francisco!


Free Museum Days in San Francisco

  San Francisco has lots of museums. Don’t miss the free admission days to enter the museums! Here is the website to find the information when you want to take advantage of The Free Museum Days in San Francisco.     Most of the museums have a free day once a month. If you like art or want to know the art culture, you should go to check them out! EC San Francisco has an activity to go to a museum with the teacher, Gifford, on the free day every month. He has a great amount of knowledge about the history and the culture in San Francisco. Some students went to the de Young Museum for an activity on Tuesday where they integrate art, architecture and the natural landscape in one multi-faceted destination. Let’s explore other museums together! Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out our Business English Courses in San Francisco!