Goodbye to the Monastery

Today, we will say goodbye to the Monastery. It was EC San Francisco’s residence for over 5 years. During these years, The Monastery welcomed hundreds of students from all around the world. Living there allowed students to meet new people, to spend good times together, and mostly, to practice and improve their English! Usually, Monasterians could gather together in the student lounge to play games, to have dinner, to chat… Or they could meet in the kitchen to cook together, and share their culinary cultures. It was always nice to hang out in the lounge, because you could always meet a friend or people from the school that you do not know, and get to talk with them. The Monastery also had a roof top with amazing views of the Mission neighborhood, Twin Peaks, and the downtown area. EC had a lot of activities there, especially barbecues. It was a great way for everyone to get to know each other and continue to practice their English with each other. One chapter closes, but another one opens As the intern of EC San Francisco, I lived at the Monastery for almost three months. I consider this place like my home away from home, and I think everyone who has lived in this place could say the same. We all made unforgettable memories there that we will always cherish. I am very happy that I lived there and got to spend great times with the Monasterians. One chapter closes, but others immediately open! We are very excited at EC San Francisco to welcome our students to three other residences, The Monroe, The Columbus and Ventaggio Turk. Let’s write new memories together! If you would like to study and have fun in San Francisco, check out our EC San Francisco English Centre!


Linda from Switzerland: ”I had an amazing time at EC San Francisco”

Linda, a student from Switzerland, was looking for a place to study English and she ended up opting for EC San Francisco English Centre. She studied at EC for 8 weeks, where she improved her English and met people from all around the world. Here is what Linda had to say: ”When I decided to go abroad to improve my English, it was clear for me to visit the U.S. When I saw movies or pictures, I was always impressed about the amazing nature and the awesome cities and wanted to see this country. I chose San Francisco, because I like the multicultural atmosphere just as the nature, which is pretty close to San Francisco. EC school was recommended to me and I’m really happy that I ended up here. The school is situated in the middle of the city and all places of interest are in a walk-able distance. I really enjoyed the familiar atmosphere in school. The school system is very good. Everyone can benefit from class and the students have the opportunity to help shape the lessons. Also a big plus were the free classes and school activities. The activities are great and diversified, so everyone can find something they are interested in. ”It was an amazing experience” I joined a lot of activities. One of my highlights was the BBQ party in the Golden Gate Park, organized by Director Ryan. Another school activity that I like to remember is the excursion to Land’s End. This place is near by the city, but at the same time it feels like you are surrounded by nature. On our one-hour hiking trip we even saw whales and seals. Participating in the activities is a good possibility to meet new people from school, who are in other classes. Thanks to my wonderful teachers … Read more


EC Activity: Baseball Game

One of our monthly activity at EC San Francisco is to go see a Baseball Game at the AT&T Park Stadium. It is leaded by our center director Ryan, who is a big fan of this sport and of the local team, the Giants! Even if baseball is a popular sport around the world, some of the students do not know anything about it and the rules, as it is mostly popular in countries like the US, Japan and Canada. Therefore, before heading to the game, Ryan likes to give a presentation about Baseball and the San Francisco team to the students. During this time, they can get to know the rules, the Giants team, and ask questions. Go Giants! After the presentation, Ryan and the students go to the AT&T Stadium, which is only 20 minutes walk from the school! Once arrived at the stadium, we usually take pictures, take a tour around the stadium and check out the right field from behind the players enjoying the location. We also take the time to walk around the different stands selling different kinds of food, such garlic fries, hot dogs and drinks. When the game starts, we all sit and enjoy the moment together! The last game EC went to see was between the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres, and our team won. Go Giants! It is always a fun activity to do with the students! If you would like to study and have fun in San Francisco, check out our EC San Francisco English Centre!


This weekend: 2018 San Francisco LGBT Pride

If you have been in San Francisco in June, you must have noticed all the rainbow flags in the streets. The city celebrates every year this month the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. Many pride events are happening in June everywhere across the countries, to recognize the impact LGBT people have had in the world. And as San Francisco is well known for being one of the most gay friendly cities in the World, it is obvious that our beautiful city would pay tribute to the LGBT community during this special month. LGBT Pride takes place in June every year in San Francisco. It is organized by the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration Committee. Concerts, performances, exhibitors and speeches happen during the weekend starting on Friday, while the parade takes place on Sunday. The San Francisco LGBT Celebration and Parade is the largest LGBT gathering in the nation and one of the world’s most famous pride parades, so you don’t want to miss it! The 48th annual parade will happen on June 23-24, 2018. This year’s event theme is ‘The Generations of Strength’. Here is the full schedule for the events!   2018 San Francisco Pride Schedule Friday : Trans March (11 AM). In Dolores Park Saturday : Celebration at Civic Center Plaza. (Noon to 6:00 PM) Dyke March Starting in the Mission Dyke March (5 PM). In the Mission, from 18th & Dolores. Sunday : Pride Parade (10:30 AM). Starting at Market & Beale, heading down Market St. and ends at 8th Street. Are you interested in studying in one of the most colorful and open-minded cities in the world, San Francisco? Check out our English courses in San Francisco!


Chenghan from Taiwan: “I improved my speaking a lot!”

  Chenghan, a student from Taiwan, stayed at EC San Francisco for 2 months. In addition to the English courses in San Francisco that he took, Chenghan met a lot of people from different countries and participated every week in EC San Francisco’s activities. This experience was unforgettable for him! Here are some comments from Chenghan:   Why did you choose EC San Francisco? I chose EC San Francisco for my journey because of the location, staff and the outdoor activity. The location is perfect! Super convenient, easy to reach! The staff here is so friendly, always welcomes you with a big warm smile!   What was your favorite EC activity?  The outdoor activities let me meet more students here, and we can travel together, it was so fun! And the teacher who held the activity are always enthusiastic, they tell you about the history here, the best views in town…. You don’t want to miss it!   How much did you improve? I improved my speaking a lot! I was struggling to speak English before, but after studying here, I speak more fluently than before, because the teachers here are so patient and they encourage you to speak more!    Would you recommend EC to a friend? I will recommend EC to all people who are looking for a place to studying English of course!  


EC Volunteer at Glide Memorial Church

One of our activities at EC San Francisco is the volunteer at the Glide Memorial Church. Every month, a staff member and the students go to the Church in Tenderloin to help serving food for homeless people. Glide Memorial Church is near the school, so after the afternoon classes, we all walk together to the Tenderloin. As the dinner usually starts at 4 pm, we have to be there around 3:30 pm to meet the staff and to get started. The dinner takes place in Mo’s Kitchen, which is inside the Church. It is a cozy cafeteria where the people who come to eat can feel like they are in a restaurant. Every volunteer has a task. It is either to welcome the homeless by giving them cups and napkins, putting food in the trays, or giving the trays to the people who come to eat. The dinner lasts one hour, so at 5 PM, we help the volunteers to tidy the cafeteria. It is always a good experience for the students, because they can learn more about the current situation of the homeless in San Francisco. Volunteering allows them to give back and to help as much as they can. Also, they meet nice Americans and they can practice their English with them. The next volunteer activity will take place in July. Are you interested in volunteering with EC and studying English in San Francisco? Check out our English courses in San Francisco!


June Activity Calendar for EC San Francisco

Happy new month of June! At EC San Francisco, we think it is very important for students to join activities to learn English in a fun environment and to discover the Bay Area. Join us this month on some fun activities in San Francisco! Every month, the school plans a variety of activities for students with teachers, staff and student ambassadors. All accompanied activities in orange require a 5-student minimum, so it is very important to sign up. Most of the activities are free of charge but some of them requires a small contribution. Please pay for tickets and weekend trips at the front desk. June activities at EC Some of the highlights for this month include Oakland Tour, Giants Baseball Game, a tour of The Marina District, as well as so much more. Also, on this month starts the Russia 2018 World Cup and EC San Francisco has planned a lot of activities to watch games and to support everyone’s teams! We have some great activities planned for you this month at this fun language school in San Francisco. We encourage students to join as many events as they can to increase exposure to English-speaking opportunities and environments! Classes in blue and activities in orange are free of charge. Please ask the front desk if you have any questions! Are you interested in studying in San Francisco? Check out our English courses in San Francisco!