Golden Rules of the English Language

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Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, here are 10 simple rules to the English Sentence:

1 – A sentence is a group of words that has a complete thought, meaning or idea.

2 – Every English sentence starts with a Subject followed by a Verb.

3 –  Every English sentence must have a verb.

4 – A Subject tells who or what the sentence is about.

5 – The Verb is the action word that tells what someone or something does.

6 – Add -s to most verbs to tell about one person, place or a thing. e.g One bird stops.

7 – The words (am, is, are) are verbs called (to-be) They tell about now. e.g. I am six. Kip is little

8 – Use AM to tell about yourself. Use IS to tell about one person, thing, place. Use ARE to tell about more than one.

9 – A noun names a person, animal, place or a thing.

10 – A sentence always starts with a capital letter and ends with an ending mark.

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