Starting Our Summer with BBQ

Last week, we organized our first BBQ party. On Friday, after graduation, we headed our way to the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Around 55 students joined us to eat authentic real American burgers and hot dogs! Our school’s director, Ryan and our student services hero, Anna lead the BBQ. Together we enjoyed  playing soccer, tennis and other sports! We celebrated the graduation of our students’ ambassadors Lisa and Talal. They spent almost a year representing our school well. We are sad to see them leave us, but also excited to see where they advance in their journey! Also, fluffy friends were welcome. We met Abigail’s little dog and took many pictures with him! We look forward to more of these EC family activities! We can’t wait for you to join us at our English Language School in San Francisco. Here are some pictures we gathered from students; EC thanks you for being the photographer!        

learning english in san francisco

Glaucia & Mauricio at Apple Inc. Class

    Glaucia is a Brazilian software engineer, and Mauricio is a Chilean self-employed. They are highly interested in technology, especially Apple’s latest products. They are currently in our pre-intermediate class. Therefor, the tech-savvy Glaucia encouraged Mauricio to sign up for a class with Apple. These classes are held periodically by the Genius Bar in San Francisco. The class was about drawing using the newest iPad. At Apple, the instructor taught them how to use the Apple Pencil. Then, she showed them different maneuvers to master the pad and the drawing App. Glaucia & Mauricio were able to participate in class, feel comfortable expressing their concerns in English. They even joked with the instructors! “EC taught us the necessary skills to attending that class. We can apply what we learned at EC to the real world” Glaucia said! We are proud of them! Here are some of their awesome drawings they made at Apple.       If you want the chance to participate in our Language School in San Francisco, check us out! We can prepare you for the tech-world!

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Reasons to Study English in San Francisco

There are many reasons to study English in San Francisco, it is the city of innovation, diversity and delicious food! Among those reasons, there are many more – and here are some more! Diverse Cultures Students in San Francisco come from around the world. San Francisco is indeed a melting pot. Students rarely feel homesick, they will always find some food, or event or a neighborhood that would remind them of home. The Mission Dist, Little Italy and the Fillmore are some of the neighborhoods that celebrate cultures. Art Galleries and Museums If you’re interested in arts, San Francisco has countless Galleries and over 50 museums! It’s the creatives’ destination to express their ideas and emotions. Our favorite museum is The Legion of Honor Museum. Tech Hub San Francisco Many of our students come here to see Silicon Valley; the hub of Google, Facebook, Instagram and many more tech companies. Silicon Valley is only an hour away driving from the heart of San Francisco. You can walk around the campus of these companies, and feel the atmosphere of the industry that controls the economy of the area. Restaurants & Nightlife It is said that if you choose to eat in a different restaurant every day in San Francisco, there will be many more restaurants left after 365 days. San Francisco is known for its diverse and cozy diners, busy and hip nightclubs.San Francisco is also famous of its lively food truck yards; such as Off-The-Grid. It also appeal to many business investors to invest in the food industry; making the fusions of cuisines, or food apps! Can you tell us your reasons? Do you want to know more about our language School in San Francisco? Contact us now!