Starting Our Summer with BBQ

Last week, we organized our first BBQ party. On Friday, after graduation, we headed our way to the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Around 55 students joined us to eat authentic real American burgers and hot dogs! Our school’s director, Ryan and our student services hero, Anna lead the BBQ. … Read more

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Glaucia & Mauricio at Apple Inc. Class

    Glaucia is a Brazilian software engineer, and Mauricio is a Chilean self-employed. They are highly interested in technology, especially Apple’s latest products. They are currently in our pre-intermediate class. Therefor, the tech-savvy Glaucia encouraged Mauricio to sign up for a … Read more

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Reasons to Study English in San Francisco

There are many reasons to study English in San Francisco, it is the city of innovation, diversity and delicious food! Among those reasons, there are many more – and here are some more! Diverse Cultures Students in San Francisco come from around the world. San Francisco is indeed a melting pot. Stude … Read more