Glaucia & Mauricio at Apple Inc. Class

learning english in san francisco



Glaucia is a Brazilian software engineer, and Mauricio is a Chilean self-employed. They are highly interested in technology, especially Apple’s latest products. They are currently in our pre-intermediate class. Therefor, the tech-savvy Glaucia encouraged Mauricio to sign up for a class with Apple. These classes are held periodically by the Genius Bar in San Francisco. The class was about drawing using the newest iPad. At Apple, the instructor taught them how to use the Apple Pencil. Then, she showed them different maneuvers to master the pad and the drawing App. Glaucia & Mauricio were able to participate in class, feel comfortable expressing their concerns in English. They even joked with the instructors! “EC taught us the necessary skills to attending that class. We can apply what we learned at EC to the real world” Glaucia said!

We are proud of them! Here are some of their awesome drawings they made at Apple.



drawing at Apple Inc


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