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FREE Classes!

Here at EC San Francisco, we offer our students three free classes every week. Students can attend these classes without having to pay. Each class is one hour long. They’re led by one of our qualified teachers. Also, the classes are multi-level, so that students from all levels can learn from each others’ experiences. Below is a brief description of each class.   California History and Culture In this class, students are introduced to Californian history and culture. We illustrates how the culture is unique yet crucial to American culture and history. The gold rush started in California. Hollywood shaped the culture of the United States. In addition, the Lakers & the Warriors are Californians teams. In this class, we also discuss current events in California, and how they affect the States and the whole world. Currently, this class is led by teacher Gifford. Writing Writing in English is very different from writing in your own languages. For example, the structure of an English language Article is very different from an Arabic one. We know that most of English language learners face a bit of a challenge when it comes to writing. Hence why we provide this mixed level writing class. Whether you are writing for your TOEFL exam, or for a Statement of Purpose, or creative writing, our teachers will most definitely help you. They are trained to guide you step by step to have the perfect writing piece. Currently this class is led by teacher Chloe. Prononciation This class is designed to enhance student pronunciation and listening to certain difficult sounds. Pronunciation is key to communication, that’s why our teachers will work with you using tongue twisters, homophones and IPA charts. We will also sing along and repeat sentences. We will explain why certain word clusters make certain … Read more

A Farewell Interview with Teacher Rob

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? Hi, my name is Rob. I’m a teacher here at EC SF. I have an English degree as a qualification for teaching. I also worked as an editor and a writer and took the CELTA course. I am now a CELTA qualified English teacher. I taught here 4 or 5 years. But before coming here, I also taught for about a year and half in London, and for about a year in LA. What do you like most about being a teacher at EC? I enjoy talking with different students that I encounters every day, because I learn from them through conversations with them. I usually ask them questions about their experiences. What is your favorite skill to teach? I love reading. So I like to introduce new things to students that they might never read before. But I also like listening to clips, audio, Youtube, TV and music to drill pronunciation. I likes listening to eclectic music. What is the hardest part about being a teacher? When sometimes the students ask him the question, he doesn’t come up with the answer immediately, you have to go away and he has to check the answer. It’s a difficult part of teaching. What do you consider a “success story”? When I see the students who struggled a lot understanding and communicating in English after I teach them, which is the most rewarding. What is the best advice you’ve been given about teaching? Just carry on. Teaching is sometimes like war. I have a plan at the begging, but when the things are about to start, the plan goes away. What is something you wish you teach in your classroom but you can’t? I think higher and more challenging lessons that help students flex their muscles … Read more

Our Student Ambassador; Rafael Luiz from Brazil

My name is Rafael. I’m 29 years old, and I’m from Brazil: the best country in the world! I arrived to San Francisco on April 27th to study English at EC. I like San Francisco so much. It is a little bit expensive, but the city is amazing and EC is too! There are many things to do in the U.S., and if you want, you can travel around. For example, I like wine! So I went to Napa Valley. I also travelled to Hawaii for Memorial Day long weekend. I have class every day and we have good teachers; I like Gregory, Gifford, and Bruce so much! In school we can talk with Americans, Japanese, Swiss, Koreans, Turks, Saudi Arabians, Italians, French, Chinese, etc, and improve our English and know new cultures. I recently became a student ambassador and I have done many activities with my colleagues. We went to pubs like the Golden Gate Tap Room is the best, we watched games #goWarrios and we rented bikes to cross the famous Golden Gate Bridge. I’m here for one more month, and I still have so many things to do! I want to give you advice, just come! You will like it so much! See you at EC! Rafael   Wanna follow Rafael’s advice and sign up for an English Course in San Francisco?  

Highlight of June

Summer has already started in San Francisco with our Monday’s weather! It is reaching over 80 degrees here. Whew! With June comes a lot of fun activities in our calendar at EC. Here are the events we are highlighting for you. Don’t forget to sign up with Anna and Amanda at the front desk! We want to see full lists!   June 11: Yoga Class at Grace Cathedral Our student ambassador Mao is leading everyone to a yoga class at Grace Cathedral at 5:00PM. Grace Cathedral hosts FREE yoga classes every Tuesday. The cathedral was built in 1934. It has one of the most amazing architecture acoustic halls in the city.   June 12: Glen Canyon Park Hike Glen Canyon Park is part of Glen Park in San Francisco. It is 70 acres big, and it was created in 1922. Teacher Gifford is taking students to an afternoon hike at 3:00PM. Please sign up!   June 18: Alcatraz Tour We take our students to Alcatraz Tour every month. This month Sirena, our student ambassador, will lead the students to the ferry docks then to the infamous island of Alcatraz! The tour starts at 3:45 PM. Students should meet in the lounge at 3:00. Sign up for $45.   June 20: Oakland A’s Game It’s the bay’s favorite team! Oakland A’s are facing Tampa Bay’s Rays as part of MLB league. The A’s are champions of the world’s series for 9 times. We will go cheer for them in their home Oakland Coliseum with Teacher Ricky! Let’s Go Oakland!   June 21: BBQ Summer means that Ryan, our school director, is hosting BBQs regularly at the Golden Gate Park. This also means hotdogs and hamburgers, games and pets are always welcome! Sign up for $7.   June 26: Women’s Meeting Every … Read more

Student of the Month of May

  Our San Francisco’s team of teachers selected Sihyun (Sirena) from the Advanced class to be our May student of the month for her hard work and her ongoing efforts to better herself. She’s always helping other students and leading awesome activities. She tries to also educate fellow students about feminist issues. When we asked her about her time at EC so far, she said the following: “As a student from EC SF, I have experienced many valuable moments. When I first came to San Francisco, I was so nervous but thanks to my teachers and friends, I could easily get used to my life here. Being an student ambassador is an amazing thing. Even though English is not my mother tongue, I really like expressing myself and enjoy the communication with friends from different countries. I have been here for 7 months now. Time flies, but I will try to enjoy the rest of my days at EC SF. Thanks to everyone and everything that has become a part of my precious memories”.   Here at EC English San Francisco, you can be part of a great community.