FREE Classes!

Here at EC San Francisco, we offer our students three free classes every week. Students can attend these classes without having to pay. Each class is one hour long. They’re led by one of our qualified teachers. Also, the classes are multi-level, so that students from all levels can learn from each others’ experiences. Below is a brief description of each class.


California History and Culture

In this class, students are introduced to Californian history and culture. We illustrates how the culture is unique yet crucial to American culture and history. The gold rush started in California. Hollywood shaped the culture of the United States. In addition, the Lakers & the Warriors are Californians teams. In this class, we also discuss current events in California, and how they affect the States and the whole world. Currently, this class is led by teacher Gifford.


Writing in English is very different from writing in your own languages. For example, the structure of an English language Article is very different from an Arabic one. We know that most of English language learners face a bit of a challenge when it comes to writing. Hence why we provide this mixed level writing class. Whether you are writing for your TOEFL exam, or for a Statement of Purpose, or creative writing, our teachers will most definitely help you. They are trained to guide you step by step to have the perfect writing piece. Currently this class is led by teacher Chloe.


This class is designed to enhance student pronunciation and listening to certain difficult sounds. Pronunciation is key to communication, that’s why our teachers will work with you using tongue twisters, homophones and IPA charts. We will also sing along and repeat sentences. We will explain why certain word clusters make certain sounds. We will make sure you know the “why” behind the pronunciation.

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