Tehama Luxury Apartment

EXCITING NEWS HERE! We are happy to announce that EC San Francisco is offering students a direct housing / accommodation option. We are offering a 5 bedroom, 3 bathrooms apartment. It has a great spacious common area. We carefully selected modern furnishing in all the rooms. You will be living with other EC students, enjoying a great location next to Twitter and Uber offices. It’s in the heart of San Francisco, a walking distance from school. The apartment is at 712 Tehama St San Francisco California, 94103. We are offering 2 types of rooms; single and twin-shared. The nearest public transportation BART station is Civic Center Plaza. You can check in at 2:00 PM, and check out at 11:00 AM on Saturdays only. We provide free wifi internet. We also have cleaning services available at a reasonable price. The laundry facility includes washing machines and dryers are on site. So you don’t need to go to a laundromat. All of our rooms are equipped with desks and closets. You will be sharing the TV area and kitchen with everyone living in there. We also have a Foosball and ping-pong table. Please check out the photos below to see how the awesome space looks like.   We also threw a ping-pong / Foosball party a week ago to introduce our current students to the living space. They’re signing up! So hurry up! visit the Instagram link to see us having fun!   If you want to be part of our students living at Tehama Luxury Apartment, please sign up for English Courses in San Francisco

An Interview with Teacher Gregory Breese

ATTENTION everyone!!! The long waited interview is OUT now! Rafael and Alex, our awesome student ambassadors, conducted an interview with our most famous teacher Gregory. Gregory is our teacher since 2013. He’s Australian American. He is strict but the most loved! He’s currently teaching Advanced and Pre-Advanced Levels. He is also teaching afternoon classes; Grammar & Get Talking. Please enjoy reading… What do you like most about being a teacher at EC? I’ve always loved teaching, and the thing I love the most is seeing and bringing alive students’ ideas and thoughts about specific topics.   What’s your favorite skill to teach? How to be polite, how to thin,k and how to speak fluently and properly.   What’s the hardest part about being a teacher? Coming up with new ideas constantly during every class.   What’s your favorite “success story”? Made some students think and act differently from when they had arrived.   Beside English, what do you make sure you educate your students about? Gender equality, how to really think differently and how to see the world in a different way.   What is something you wish you teach in your classroom but can’t? Nothing! In my class we can talk about everything!! I’m open to every kinds of topic!   What’s a word / phrase that you repeat so much in your classroom? “What’s a YEAH?” “We don’t say fine/good/great/like in my class!” “Like?!” “Cause or because?” “Everybody gets a point!” “Story time!” “You said YEAHHHH!!!” Oh my Gregory! That was a great interview. Thanks to Alex and Rafael and of course thanks Gregory! If you want to be part of our student ambassador team and have access to interview our teachers, please sign up for English Courses in San Francisco  

Meet Our Teacher Linda Carlson

  Hello, new students! This is Serena, your favorite student Ambassador of the month of May. I interviewed our lovely teacher Linda, asked her some questions, and enjoyed a nice small talk with her. She told me all about being a teacher. First of all, she is currently teaching pre advanced students, and elementary students in EC San Francisco. She was born here in San Francisco, but after that she had been moving to some other places, such as Sweden, France and some other states within the United States of America. Also, She loves traveling and studying languages. Before she became a teacher, she had an experience in working to help Muslim immigrants in Europe. She counseled them to solve some life problems there, and taught English to their children. She is good at not only English but also Swedish and French! Because she knows the difficulties of learning a new language well, she is very considerate about our situation. She always encourages us to improve ourselves! She said that the best and the most rewarding part of being a teacher is to see students’ growth. She said that it makes her very happy. She also said, as a teacher, she could learn some new things from her students. She still keeps in touch with some of her pupils and continues good relationships with them from all around the world. She said that she is really happy that she could share her wonderful language talent with students. She also never stops learning new and exciting things. We really admire her passion in both teaching and learning. Thank you Linda! If you want to be part of our student ambassador team and have access to interview our teachers, please sign up for English Courses in San Francisco

Meet Our New Student Ambassadors!

Here at EC San Francisco, we’re always looking for energetic students. We seek fun and flamboyant souls who could push others forward. We recently recruited two awesome people. They are both from the great country Switzerland. Here’s a little bit about Alex and Joan:   Alex Della Torre   Where are you from? I am from Locrane, Switzerland.  What did you study? I studied Psychology.  What was your EC placement level? I was first placed in the Upper Intermediate level.  What are your favorite places? Other than my country, I like Pier 39 and Baker Beach  What’s your favorite food? Pizza Who’s your favorite band? Imagine Dragon  What’s your favorite movie? Prisoners  Tell us three things about you: 1- I would like to travel all around the world. 2- I want to be a criminal psychologist. 3- My biggest passion is ice hockey. I played it for 6 years.  Joan Julen Guerra   Where are you from? I am from Baar in Switzerland.  What is your EC placement level? When I first started here at EC I was placed in the Pre-Intermediate  What are your favorite places? Beside Switzerland, I like the Oracle Park.  What’s your favorite food? Swiss Roesti  Who’s your favorite band? AC/DC What is your favorite movie? Tintin and Milu  Tell us three things about you: 1- I want to travel around the world. 2- I want to be a journalist. 3- I love Baseball.  Do you want to be part of our awesome student Ambassador team? If you’re a current EC student, please contact Anna or Amanda at the front desk. If you’re not an EC student and you wish you’re part of our family, please visit our  center’s website to sign up for an English course in San Francisco.